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Feed Your Little Pickls

Feed Your Little Pickls

Pickl is one of the region's favourite, award-winning burger joints and they are now launching their new kid's meal box. Being able to give your littles a box of yumminess will make your life easier and give them that feeling of independence with their own meal and the entertainment of having their own goody box with it. We all know how much Kids love a Happy Meal!

Perfect for children aged 3-10 years old, Pickl’s Little Pickl box includes both meat-based and plant-based options and even included a healthier twist by offering carrot sticks as an alternative to fries. To make the box extra exciting, they will include a line of collectible iron-on badges, with an assortment ranging from photography, exercise, cooking, kindness, and music. With each badge comes a task for the children to complete to be part of the Little Pickl Club. The iron-on badges and tasks were designed to spark creativity and mentally stimulate children, rather than just being yet another plastic toy.

Going the extra mile to entertain the little legends, Pickl has also fashioned a specially made colour-in-place mat for any child that visits a Pickl restaurant, even if they don't order the Little Pickl box. Of course, colourful crayons are provided with the place mat so the children can bring out their inner Picasso. You can buy your little ones the box for AED 39 at any of their dine-in locations.


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