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Fabulous at Fifty

As our fabulous home celebrates turning fifty and fabulous, we spoke to a few of our readers on how they felt turning fifty.


I turned 53 this year and I’m more certain about the “what, when, how” and make no apologies for it. I launched my fashion brand a few months ago in September; I have a full time job in the banking industry; I’m a wife and mother to a 12 year old young man. Life hasn’t been busier and I’m loving it. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with being in my 50s but I’m very confident and have no regard for time wasters.


Fabulous fifty is not a cliché. I love being 50, the positives far outweigh the obvious negatives of menopause and shrinking families.

At fifty the realization that not having everything figured out doesn’t matter as it did at twenty, in fact not having it figured out at fifty is even better. At fifty, my circle of friends is handpicked and genuine, friends at fifty are fiercely loyal joined for life through journeys of motherhood, happy and sad times. At fifty, deepest secrets can be shared without fear of judgment or frivolous advice, met instead with an open loving ear and greater bond because at fifty we know we are not perfect and we no longer care.

Fifty means fun does not have to be found through drunken nights in noisy bars or adrenaline pumping, high octane dares, and challenges. It means enjoying living in the present, laughing, listening, and talking with honesty and care. At fifty, competition is a thing of the past, surviving life to this point is enough. Fifty means embracing comfy shoes; high heels, tight skirts, or skimpy tops are things of the past – through choice. Fifty means feeling good about being me, feeling confident, and knowing my opinion is worth sharing because it is based on half a century of experiences. Fifty is about recognizing imperfection, embracing the new lumps and bumps appearing daily on my body show that I ate the cake, drank the wine, and enjoyed it!

At fifty, I can relax knowing that mistakes are fun to make and dramas will pass only adding to the rich list of after-dinner stories which, are jointly shared with amazing friends who will love and laugh as one, as we add further colour to our growing tapestry of life.


I turned 50 this year. I had hoped to be my fittest, healthiest and strongest by this milestone birthday. Then I was hit by Covid which knocked me for 6 and took away a lot of my plans and health.

A few months after turning 50. I reached out for help from a personal trainer and coach. I have always had eating issues, but wanted to feel better about myself, stronger and fitter. I am now feeling much more confident, healthier, and fitter than I have most of my life. I have learnt that age is just a number and turning 50 was no excuse to not still go after what I wanted. I’m probably wiser than I was because I have been shown that I can always achieve my goals and I won’t ever settle for less. I am determined and passionate about my progress and if I can do this as I enter my 50s then the years ahead can only get better too. 50 is never too late to learn new things and be the best version of yourself.


What being in my 50’s has meant to me… I am just getting started! Much like a patchwork quilt, I am the cumulative effort of all the different jobs, relationships, locations, and interests I have woven together over time. This is me and if I don’t love myself, it doesn’t matter if anyone else will. I will admit that most of my journey has been more about placing one foot in front of the other and letting destiny dictate where I go. Now as a single mum with a young child in tow and wisdom on my side, I definitely feel more comfortable in my skin and the decisions I make. This includes letting go of the small things and purposefully not carrying forth toxic patterns of behavior, guilt of any kind, and clothes that no longer fit!


25 x 2 - Double the Fun, Double the Wisdom!

When I was 25, 50 sounded SO old! Now that I’m 50 I see it as a rebirth and I love it.

In my younger years, like so many young women, I relied on external validation, measured my body/looks/financial wealth set by society's standards (and always fell short!). I was a people pleaser and cared deeply if people didn’t like me. I tolerated and endured toxic relationships because I never felt good enough or worthy enough.

Turning 50 gave me back my voice. I no longer tolerate bullies, manipulators, and narcissists. I see my past ‘mistakes’ as successful failures. I get a second chance to find love on a deeper level. I celebrate that my body has saggy bits and bumpy bits because it nurtured and gave birth to 3 precious human beings and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My BS detector is fine-tuned and ready for action. I don’t have periods, I practice self-validation, I consciously seek out ways to have fun and challenge myself, and had the confidence to start up my own coaching business.

50 years of life experiences have given me freedom and the right to enjoy every single day. I have found my purpose, passion, and joy.

Bring on the next 50 years!!


Having hit my half centenary head-on I’ve come to one big conclusion – 50 ‘now’ is far, far removed from 50 ‘then’!

Once we were expected to either loose our minds, throw caution to the wind, dye our hair purple and grow old in a disgraceful and let’s be honest, slightly weird way; or we were to simply slip into a beige background with a slight wimper and become a sort of non-person passed over by society without a backwards glance.

But in 2021 women entering their 50s want and indeed know they’re worth more than that and they’re ready to stand up and shine. They’ve built a life – they’ve established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the workplace, in the home and in the world. They’ve loved and been loved, they’ve hurt and they’ve been hurt and most importantly they’ve lived through their teens, their 20s, their 30s and their 40s only to arrive at a time in their lives when they can reap the rewards of that myriad of mistakes and experiences to revel in a world that now comes on their terms.

We’ve worked hard, we’ve fed, watered and cherished children (ours or others), we’ve cared for husbands, pets family and friends and we’re ready to now start a life free from some of the constraints the roles of mother, wife or daughter have placed on us in years past.

50 to me has meant a confidence in knowing what I am and who I am; I no longer feel as hampered by the constraints and shackles of bowing down to what other people THINK I should be. This alone really is the ultimate freedom and the choices and happiness that comes with reaching this age, far out-weigh a crepey eye or a wrinkled brow.

Of course some of the old anxieties exist and yes the menopause takes a bit of tackling (get a good doctor, get HRT and get it sorted!) but somehow old wounds caused by anxiety and stress get more blurred and less jagged in your 50s….. I now know my mental health is important, vital even and that kindness really is everything, I know to look after a body that carried me thus far and that love truly does rule.

So, with a spritely spring and a toss of hair (that I can now afford and finally have the time to get done regularly!) I can honestly say 50 is pretty funking fabulous.

It sounds like 50 really is the beginning of an exciting new chapter!

Happy Birthday to the UAE and here’s to the next 50!


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