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Empower Your Kids To Be Confident?

Miniature minds are the greatest explorers and observers. It is natural for children to want to experience everything they see. As soon as a baby is born, he or she begins to develop new skills every day. They grow mentally and physically at a rapid rate. Confidence is an extremely valuable skill.

Building a strong and positive personality requires confidence. If they want to try new things and learn new techniques in life, they must be able to believe in themselves. That's something you don't need to teach them. In the beginning, babies don't know what it is like to be afraid, to fail, or to be disappointed. These emotions are incorporated into them by us. Our parenting methods must be modified in order to raise empowered and confident children. In order to be successful in their independent lives and in their careers, they need to have self-confidence. In addition, it helps them feel more content and cope better with life's difficulties.

Dr Arif

These few tips from Dr Arif can help us help children gain self-confidence, motivation, and self-belief:

Be an example of what you preach

Our feelings and emotions are absorbed by our children. The best way to teach our children confidence is to show them what it means. Your reaction to setbacks and problematic situations becomes a mirror for establishing the behaviour of your children. Make sure your kids know that no matter what happens, they should believe in themselves and never stop experimenting.

Praise but don't overdo it

Your kids should be praised for their efforts, but don't make them dependent on it by over-praising. Their efforts shouldn't be validated by someone else before they feel happy. Don't forget to compliment them often for any task they accomplish, like finishing dinner or brushing their teeth. However, do not overpraise them to the point where their performance and consistency become dependent on it.

Allow them a little time to themselves

Parents, especially mothers, worry constantly about their children getting hurt or being bullied. Overprotection can, however, create fear and shyness in children. Let them handle the problems on their own. Whether getting a role in a class play or standing up to the kids who tease them, they will learn how to fight their battles on their own.

Give them your unconditional love

Young minds are empowered by their parent's unconditional love. Regardless of whether they succeed or fail, let them know you are always there for them. It will make them feel confident in trying new things and trust you to always have their back. A child who feels he or she doesn't have to be perfect or special to win their parents' hearts grows into an empowered and resilient adult.

Embrace failure and trying again

Help them get back up when they fall and empathize with their situation. Do not let them get discouraged if they fail, and tell them to try again until they succeed. Encourage them to be persistent and appreciate their effort and hard work.

Exploring their strengths with freedom

It is never a good idea to pick passions for your children. In order to be confident, they must do what they are best at. It doesn't matter if your elder child is good at math; the younger one can still pursue arts. Therefore, let them explore all arenas and choose what suits them best. Let them know that you appreciate their small accomplishments and efforts so that they will gain the faith and confidence to go bigger.

Focus on small goals

You can also encourage your children to write daily, monthly, or annual goals as a way to build their confidence. Have them revisit them and see how far they have come. When they reach their small goals, they will feel accomplished and their brains will get a dopamine boost.

Let them make their own decisions

Give your kids the freedom to make their own decisions, whether it is what they want to wear to a party or the bedtime story they want to hear. Through this, they will gain confidence to make decisions in life, no matter how good or bad they are.

Listen to their opinions

When discussing anything with your kids, try to consider their point of view. Ensure they feel respected and confident to share their thoughts with you by listening and appreciating their opinions.

Encourage self-love

Children should be taught to embrace their weaknesses and imperfections. The key to self-confidence is self-love. Regardless of whether they fit the set "standards" of society, they should always be confident and never let anything hold them back.

Being confident in their skills and loving themselves are the most valuable gifts you can give your child. By developing their minds at a young age, they will become confident and empowered as adults. Give them the courage to face any negativity around them and turn it into a positive experience!


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