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Aseya Nasib On Why Emirati Women's Day Is So Important

Aseya Nasib, Emirati plus size model and self love and body empowerment coach, shares the importance of celebrating Emirati Women’s Day.

Aseya Nasib is an Emirati holistic self love coach, mental wellness advocate, and plus size model. An advocate for body positivity, diversity, and inclusivity within the fashion and beauty industries, she has featured in shoots and campaigns for local and global brands alike, such as Ketish and Huda Beauty. She has recently launched the Self Love Celebration, an online self care platform that empowers women by reconnecting with their inner selves and their bodies.

With the ambition to help every person, especially women, Aseya wants everyone to feel great about themselves. She has faced the personal struggle that many of us have, experiencing what it is like to feel like you aren’t good enough. As an individual living with clinical OCD and depression, Aseya believes that being able to show people who are going through the same that as she has, that things get better. “It’s important for me to challenge the stigma of what mental illness looks like and how people can live amazing lives even if they have a mental illness.”

What does being an Emirati mean to you?

To me, it’s a connection to the land and the country. When we were younger, my dad would take us out and show us the ‘old Dubai’. He would point out streets that were important to him, show us places that he used to hang out, and talk about what life was like in Dubai when he was growing up. The amount of growth we have achieved as a city in such a short time is astounding and I always feel incredibly proud to be connected to that. It makes me very proud to stand in places where my grandparents and great grandparents stood and think about everything they experienced and what I am trying to create in the world.

Why do you think it is so important to celebrate Emirati Women's Day?

I believe Emirati Women’s Day is important because it sets the tone for future generations. Women have always been such an integral part of our society, but this day shows younger girls that they deserve to be celebrated. By celebrating the women around us and their achievements, we are inspiring the next generation of Emirati women to go out and create the future.

Why do you think it is important for Emirati women to challenge the narrative surrounding perceived Emirati culture?

I think that as Dubai continues to grow, it becomes even more important for Emirati women to continue to do what we’re doing. In my opinion, the best way to challenge narratives and perceptions is by living our lives out loud and going for what we want. As Emirati women continue to push boundaries and create change, we are already creating new narratives. We have already proven and continue to prove what we’re capable of. There’s no question about that. We’ve shown that we can be great moms, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends, while simultaneously creating change around us and building the world we want to live in.


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