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Other Women’s Jobs / Nancy El Khatib

NAME: Nancy El Khatib

AGE: 28

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @nancykh @shopscarlt

JOB TITLE: Founder & CEO


Nancy El-Kahtib, was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. With huge interest in tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, design & fashion she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Design and Minor in Advertising at Lebanese American University in Beirut. Being selected alongside 50 women tech entrepreneurs across MENA to participate in the Women Tech Founders Program organised by Google’s Women Techmakers, the US Department of State & US Embassy to the UAE in 2021.

Nancy developed a passion for fashion and started a fashion side hustle in Beirut, before moving to the UAE in 2017. After moving to the UAE, she realised she wasn't the only one struggling with finding dresses for different occasions; either they were high quality and expensive or affordable but low quality.

Amid Covid-19, Nancy saw demand for online shopping increasing and the gap for high-quality, affordable fashion clothes and decided to jump at it. She began working on Scarlt - a one-stop e-commerce fashion platform for affordable, high-quality apparel. Nancy wanted her brand to empower and represent strong, resilient and goal-oriented women.

One of the key factors that motivate her was seeing women wear the dress they deserve for the price they can afford and trying to make luxury fashion affordable.

Shop the pieces here:

9 AM: Not an early bird at all, I start my day with a cup of coffee or sometimes two and go through my emails to catch up. Go through tasks by priorities and check new orders to process them.

12 NOON: Have a quick breakfast, then reach out to new suppliers, work on the website’s content if there is anything to update and quality check new product samples.

3 PM: Meetings with team, do marketing and creative brainstorm sessions and create the weekly plans.

6 PM: Get ready for my evening boxing class to blow off some steam

8 PM: This is the time for an evening break. I enjoy some quality time with the family and watch out favourite shows.

9 PM: Attend accelerator program sessions. I also try to keep any course that I want to take to expand my skillset during the evening time.

12 AM: As much as I try to sleep early but I am a night owl, I find myself in bed researching latest trends and news through my phone.

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