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Dubai The Land Of Dreams…But Why Can’t I Get A Job?

Dubai The Land Of Dreams…But Why Can’t I Get A Job?

By Sophie Bogdis

If you are a job seeker in Dubai, you know the struggle is real. If you are not a job seeker in Dubai, you will not understand there is a struggle. It is definitely real. But why so? The city and the whole of the UAE are constantly growing and all the ‘new’ things need people to work on them, right? So many positions to fill not enough people is what many think and that's why they come to our shores. To try their luck in getting that role they could never get back home, better pay, and endless opportunities.

But truth be told, it's really tough getting a job. Let’s back that up a little…it’s really tough to even get a job interview. Do we not actually have enough jobs for all the job seekers? Is everyone too overqualified? Is everyone wanting too much money? Is everyone too young, or too old?

There have always been some conspiracy theories when it comes to getting a perfect dream job in Dubai. Getting the right pay, good working hours, location etc…but realistically, there are plenty of jobs available in many industries, for everyone. But I will break down the top 3 reasons people say ‘they think’ they cannot land that interview or get any job…

I am too expensive

This one is heard of a lot. Of course, employers set their own budget for salaries. This is not always shared with applicants up front but, if you are applying for a position, you know you can do and do well, the employer will check your CV and experience and compare you. Yes, they will. Compare you to other words on paper people have submitted for the same job and if your words about your experience and attributes sound amazing, this is a downfall. Because the employer already knows that you are too good and will be asking for more pay than they have budgeted for this role.

They would prefer to set an interview with that CV that was good but not as great as yours, as its more likely to fall within their salary budget for the role.

I am over-qualified

How is this even a thing? This should be a positive thing. I am so amazing, I worked here, there, everywhere, been to all the best schools, can do this job in my sleep.

But what the employer will see in your application is…. stuck in your ways, not flexible, won’t adapt. Interesting, isn’t it? The more you know and have done, the less an employer wants you because you may just be superior to the boss and no boss wants that.

Your employer probably wants someone who has the experience yes but has not moved up so quickly in their career. They want you to fit in to their company, adapt to how they work, do your job but try not to take over with all your experience.

I have dependents

Single and ready to mingle? But also, single and you have no home life responsibilities, can be flexible with your working hours and don’t need to worry about your employer sponsoring your children or spouse, extra medical insurance and more prone to need to leave work ‘for a family issue’? well then you are much more attractive to a potential employer for many reasons.

If you have dependents, an employer’s HR department bells go off immediately with all the extras they may need to provide and do for you in future. Its just too much of a hassle sometimes and you may cause the company more loss than gain, which is the sad reality.

Job hunting is easy. If you check the job boards and LinkedIn, even take leads through friends and acquaintances you can literally apply for hundreds of jobs a day. Chances (unfortunately) are that you may only hear back from 1 out of 500 of them for a number of any reasons. As disheartening as it may be most of the time, you just got to keep trying and keep at it and when you least expect it, your dream job in the land of dreams will transpire and you will live happily ever after.


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