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DeCluttr ME offers House Clearance service

DeCluttr ME offers House Clearance service

Due to demand, DeCluttr Me, the region’s first licensed professional home and office organising company, has widened their range of services to now offer house clearance.

Customers wanted help sorting out and clearing homes in preparation for moving, downsizing, or as a result of changing personal circumstances, such as losing a loved one and getting divorced.

The service goes beyond decluttering and organising to include junk removal and coordinating donations, followed by a thorough cleaning of the property once everything is removed.

Another aspect of the new service that DeCluttr Me Founder, Shelina Jokhiya, oversees as part of the new service is identifying valuable items for appraisal and sale. Individuals can lose potential income if they dismiss something as worthless junk or can’t face dealing with the appraisal process themselves. DeCluttr Me can reach out to experts on the client’s behalf and get things appraised quickly.

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DeCluttr ME offers House Clearance service


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