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10 tips on..Decluttering your Kitchen

Decluttering in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the central point for homes around the world; it’s one of the most visited rooms and has to be functional and practical. It's often the magnet for clutter of unnecessary items, so here are Shelina Jokhiya from DeCluttr Me's top tips for decluttering your kitchen.

The main aim of decluttering is to be able to organise your items so that you can find them in less than 5 seconds. If you cannot find your items in less than 5 seconds there is a problem with your system or you have too much stuff (which is the case in most homes).

  1. Get a trash bag, recycle bags, donate bag or box and some good music ready for the session.

  2. Do a mini-declutter – Do not take everything out of the kitchen as it will get overwhelming to deal with all the stuff. Instead spend 15-20 minutes on one cupboard or shelf at a time. It will make the process easier.

  3. Remove anything that is not used, broken, ugly, expired or duplicates. If you find food that is still fine, but will not be used in the house, you can donate the items to shelters or food banks in your area.

  4. Anything that is not used from crockery to saucepans, which are in a good state, can be donated to charity or give it to your maids/security guards in your building.

  5. Reuse boxes and containers that you have already to organise your items. If the boxes have turned yellow and gross put them in recycling.

  6. Do not buy loads of containers for decanting pantry items if you haven’t got the time or inclination in the future to decant into the jars and boxes. It may look good on Instagram, but it can become clutter if not used properly.

  7. Create zones in your kitchen when starting the organising process:

    1. Preparation items by the sink

    2. Spices, oils saucepans and cooking utensils near the cooker

    3. Crockery near the dishwasher

    4. Serving items further up the cupboards as they are not used as often

    5. Coffee and Tea station near a plug point

  8. Aim to have as few items on your counter as possible. The aim is to put most items in your cupboards, so you don’t view clutter as soon as you walk into your kitchen.

  9. Review your electronics and see if you really need 3 juicers and a waffle maker when you don’t use them. If you are not a baker do you need a Kenwood Chef? Donate or sell the electronics that are not used and taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen.

  10. Finally, make the kitchen as peaceful as possible for you so that cooking becomes an enjoyable experience for you. I keep my favourite cookbooks on one side to view whenever I get the urge to cook a masterpiece.

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