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De’Larta, the first all-natural and sustainable Emirati skincare brand

Suitable for everyone, De’larta is formulated with powerful, native, patented extracts. The brand follows a kind to earth and good for the people approach when it comes to the extraction, production and manufacturing of products – with a minimal packaging that is lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable.

De L’Arta’s aim is to educate, explore, recover and upcycle resources that sustain our planet for future generations. De L’Arta’s research farm is located in Masdar City and is referred to as “The Outdoor Living Laboratory”.

We chat to the founders behind this beautiful new home-grown range, to learn more about how it started and why they are using a very unique UAE native plant in their products.

Congratulation on the launch of De L’arta in the UAE, it’s a beautiful brand. Can you tell us where the idea came from and how you all came together to start it?

Saeed AlKhoori met Dr. Lina Yousef when he was a graduate student at the late Masdar Institute of Technology, now Khalifah University. He approached Dr. Lina seeking her guidance on his research paper and from there they found they had a lot in common specifically when it came to their curiosities on the UAE’s native Flora. Together, they conducted in-depth scientific study on the native plants to understand how so many of them grow in abundance in the harsh climate conditions of the UAE and their capabilities towards skin treatment. Their discoveries led to a patent which was filed together through Khalifa University of Abu Dhabi.

De L’Arta was formed with the intention of introducing these patented extracts into personal care. Sarah Yousef, the third co-founder, later joined Dr Lina and Saeed and together they developed De L’Arta’s brand and ethos. Together, they launched the first collection of products under the De L’Arta brand in January of 2021.

What makes Tetraena qatarensis such a unique ingredient?

De L’Arta’s [Tq] collection uses the antioxidant rich, drought resistant and salt tolerant properties of Tetraena qatarensis, to hydrate, nourish & protect your skin from premature ageing caused by environmental pollutants. Tetraena qatarensis also has powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties which help rejuvenate, hydrate and restore balance in the skin.

Tetraena qatarensis is a native desert shrub that grows sustainably in abundance all over the UAE. The desert arid climate is dry, hot and the sand is high in salt in yet Tetraena qatarensis grows lusciously. It has small compact leaves that store water. If this plant thrives and grows lush and green in the harshest environments, just imagine how this plant can protect and nourish your skin in these same environments.

Are the products for men and women?

Yes! All products are parfum, sulphate and cruelty free, with a natural formula that’s 98% biodegradable, unisex and suitable for all skin types.

People are very conscious of their impact on the planet – we understand that being sustainable is an important part of the brand. Could you tell us a bit more about this?

Our skincare range is inspired by the earth and innovated by science. We have extracted intelligent plant-based compounds and sustainably repurposed their power for your skin. As mentioned, Tetraena qatarensis grows abundantly on its own without shade or water. It is also a perennial plant, which means it grows all year round. We sustainably harvest the plant so that the giving base is never destroyed. It is also a non-edible plant which means our use of it does not compromise food security. Our disruptive and genderless brand regenerates, recovers and repurposes sustainably. Our products are formulated with all-natural and biodegradable ingredients and minimal packaging to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfills. Our packaging is entirely aluminium which makes it lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable. We encourage our customers to purchase the plastic face wash pump separately with the intention to have them reuse the same pump with their next purchase of the [Tq] facewash. And we know there will be a next purchase.

What hurdles did you encounter through the process of building the brand?

De L’Arta was formed in 2017 and has been incubated under the Catalyst which is a technology startup accelerator focused on sustainability and clean technology (a joint venture between Masdar and British Petroleum). The greatest milestone achieved was De L’Arta’s introduction of novel patented extracts into skincare and bringing the invention from the lab to the market. De L’Arta has exclusive rights to the patented extracts and De L’Arta registered the extracts with the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). It was only after this achievement was De L’Arta able to formulate with the products and that is why the first collection from the lab was only launched in January of 2021.

The skincare market is highly saturated, and the trend of all-natural skincare is becoming ever so popular. Now, the greatest challenge is to stand-out amongst these brands and really penetrate the market with our story and unique position with our exclusive ingredients and honest products.

Inclusivity is a strong brand value, which we love. What is your main driver for this?

We’ve formulated our products for them to be suitable for everyone, regardless of their gender or skin type, young and old. We made sure to use ingredients that are all-natural and gentle on the skin but ones that also pack a punch of benefits.

We’ve infused the [Tq] collection with geranium essential oil which also has great benefits for this skin and which doesn’t affect those who might have sensitives to essential oils. We do not use fragrance either which is what makes our products appealing to those who prefer neutral scents, like most of the male population. Our brand is minimal and clean. Our approach to skincare is practical, yet effective. The products speak for themselves so there is no need for all the glitz and the glam. They are simply fabulous.

Are there plans for further product ranges?

Absolutely! We will be launching a fourth product under the current [Tq] collection very soon and are looking to launch our second collection in 2022. We are excited to continue in our journey of releasing De L’Arta exclusive products that introduce native extracts and powerful formulations. Always eco-conscious, practical, effective and inclusive.

What does the future hold for De L’arta?

Lots! We hope to take our brand global to showcase the UAE’s diverse economic position and talents. We want to be a globally recognized brand and show the world that personal care can be kind to the earth and great for you.

To learn more about De L’arta and to order visit:


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