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Osteria & Lounge “Chic Nonna” Opens in DIFC

Chic Nonna DIFC

If there is a country that mastered the art of making all of its dishes desirable, then it’s got to be Italy! So naturally, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for any new Italian dining concepts in town, and we were thrilled to know that Chic Nonna has just opened its doors in DIFC.

The two-storey premium restaurant and lounge is packaged inside a large building in the heart of DIFC, designed to look like a residential mansion. The interiors epitomise the Italian heritage blended with Dubai’s cosmopolitan essence – with high ceilings, marble floorings, emerald green sofas and lit up fireplaces.

Chic Nonna has an open-plan kitchen and chef’s table, wherein diners can have a peak into their food being prepared while taking a drink at the bar. For an immersive tasting experience, the venue also offers an enormous range of wines, including premium Italian and international brands, which are housed in a stunning wine cellar on showcase in the Lounge area.

Not to mention the elite Cigar Lounge, located on the top floor of Chic Nonna, overlooking the terrace and has been designed to resemble an Italian mansion. The space features the finest artisan Italian leather couches, a sophisticated DJ booth, and connects to a bar lounge creates a decadent ambiance that comes alive in the night time once the live entertainment begins.

For reservations, visit or call (04 605 2000).


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