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Other Women’s Jobs / Eliska Doskocilova

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NAME: Eliska Doskocilova


INSTAGRAM HANDLE: EllunaOrganicBeauty

JOB TITLE: CEO of Elluna Organic Beauty


Eliska Doskocilova | Elluna Organic Beauty

Eliska started her career in the hairdressing industry in 2011 and has continued to grow in the sustainable beauty industry. Elluna Organic Beauty is a natural extension of her passions. The goal of Elluna Organic Beauty is to provide a helping hand to women who are passionate about natural beauty.

What her day looks like...

8 AM: At this time, I’m already home from a walk with my dog. Going out every morning really boosts my mood full of positivity. This is also because animals bring so much joy into our lives and teach us to be present in the moment. I then get dressed and prepare myself to start my full skincare routine which helps to maintain my skin and keep it in top condition. I then drink a cup of Matcha tea which I have every morning and eat my breakfast which alternates between eggs and granola which I eat with plant-based milk.

10 AM: I’m usually having a meeting or working on my emails.

12 NOON: Lunchtime is very important to me! I like to eat healthy food and for me, that means eating Japanese food as it is mostly gluten-free. If I’m working from home, I cook Italian food, which I always modify in a healthier way, but which is still tasty.

3 PM: Every day differs from the next but at this time I usually have meetings with my team, retailers or calls with suppliers. It’s always a pleasure and so exciting for me to hear which products are currently being created by our brands' founders or the type of products that are being launched for the coming seasons. The beauty industry is slowly but quickly discovering the very fast effects and benefits of using natural ingredients, and here at Elluna Organic Beauty, the trusted teachers and suppliers of said products, have to always learn something new about natural ingredients so we can pass that information onto our consumers.

6 PM: It’s time to come back home and be with my loved ones. My husband and I spend the late afternoons outdoors together and usually go for walks with our dog. We love to combine our walk with a coffee or a small bite to eat before dinner. I alternate this time for myself, putting in the time to practice my yoga or meditation routines.

7:30 PM: Cooking dinner is also something I enjoy doing every evening. I also sometimes prepare a cake to eat the next morning for my breakfast. There is nothing better than waking up to a freshly baked cake.

8 PM: Dinner is served! And now it is time to relax and enjoy the evening.


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