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Buddy Not a Bully


Kindness always wins, no matter what you teach your kids or what grades they get, kindness should be at the top and is a life skill all children should be taught. Now in its fifth year, Cartoon Network proudly introduces the ‘Network of Buddies’ which invites children to unite as buddies and stand against any form of bullying, a dedication to kindness and empathy. 

Joining ‘The Buddy Network’ empowers kids by giving them the tools and understanding to recognize and address bullying behaviours, both online and offline. The network fosters a sense of responsibility and allows them to know when to support others and how best to do that. 

The Buddy Network is a unique initiative led by a diverse and celebrated group of personalities including Nouraldin Yousef, Ines Sebiane, Suhaib Shaahaa and Enjy Kiwan who all came together to create this network that offers practical strategies to counteract bullying and encourage children aged 5 to 12 to embrace the role of a buddy rather than a bully.


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