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Blood Moon is back – But what does it mean for us?

Did any of you see the moon last night?

The evening of the 15th of May saw the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse of 2022 , aka the Super Blood, which with its huge scarlet red appearance sounds and looks far more frightening than it actually is. This alignment of the planets which comes in a spectacular form, does also bring with it some super-charged cosmic energy – of course!

So, what does this mean for us? Surely, it can’t be as bad as Mercury?

Well funny we talk about Mercury, as Mercury Retrograde kicked off on the 12th May until the 2nd June, so we find ourselves with that very much in play, as well as the Blood Moon thrown in. So just to add to the mystery of this powerful moon and not knowing where this energy will take you, Mercury is doing its thing too and it’s a very interesting time.

Supermoons are more powerful than any other Moons and the closer the Moon is to earth, the more intense the pull is. So, this affects many things including the tides, instincts, feelings and even complications in life.

Eclipses mean beginnings, endings and clean slates. So now is the time to make a big decision or a change. It’s a time to start new chapters be this at work or in relationships.

As the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse 2022 takes place in the sign of Scorpio, it’s going to be, in a word, intense.

Scorpio is associated with transformation, so the most powerful of changes and for most of us this will be a really powerful time to align our lives. It’s also a great time to confront our inner demons and allow us to experience some of the biggest changes of our lives.

As ever, the power this has over you will depend on Scorpio’s position in your birth chart. To discover more about what it means for you and your star sign specifically Google “Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes” and you’ll get more info relevant to you.

Change always sounds scary and we hear a lot of chat about Mercury and the planets, and whilst many of us may not be sure what to believe when it comes to the planets and the power of the universe, or whatever you choose believe it looks like May could have some interesting things in store for us all!


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