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Best Pet Sitters in Dubai

Best Pet Sitters in Dubai

Our furry friends are an important part of our family, so finding someone to care for them when we travel is an important decision and one we never take lightly. Today we share our top tips and recommendations to help you find a good pet sitter so you can travel peace of mind intact.

Finding a good pet sitter in Dubai isn't always easy we know. Finding the best pet sitters in Dubai can depend on various factors such as your location, specific pet needs, and budget.

When looking for a pet sitter here are a few recommendations from us:

  • Ask your friends and neighbours to look after them - There is nothing better than someone you know and trust to look after your pets and to be in your home. Can someone look after your pet personally? Can you offer to pet sit in return for a neighbour when they travel? Maybe one of your neighbours has a teen who would like to earn some extra cash? Personal recommendations are always the best and gives you peace of mind.

  • Consider a house sitter - Something we see a lot in Dubai is people offering to pet sit in exchange for being able to stay free of charge in your home. They get free accommodation and you get your pets cared for free of charge. Your house is also cared for - plants watered, better for security etc. Of course, choose wisely, but offer this up on community groups or ask your network and there is a good chance you'll find someone.

  • Use a professional Pet Sitting Company - Look for well-established companies that specialize in pet sitting services. They may have a team of sitters and insurance coverage.

  • Ask others for recommendations for a pet sitter - If you know someone who has used a pet sitter in Dubai, ask them about their experience. Nothing is better than a recommendation here to give some peace of mind.

  • Ask on Facebook Community Groups - Is there a FB group for the community you live in? Ask on there for a recommendation or to see if someone in your community offers this service. Groups such as Real Mums, British Mums, ExpatWoman etc tend to be very useful. Ask and look for those recommended a lot and genuinely.

  • Can your vet make a recommendation? Your vet will often know people or be able to recommend, so ask them for someone they trust.

Once you decide on the best route for you or a shortlist of options, feel free to interview potential sitters, discuss your pet's needs and find someone you are comfortable with looking after your type of pet. Check credentials and references too - Ensure that the pet sitter has any required licenses or certifications, especially if your pet has specific medical needs. We also believe in the power of gut instinct - so trust this when it comes to putting your pets care in someone's hands.

By taking these steps, you can find a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter in Dubai who will provide the best care for your pet while you are away. They are our family too after all!

Here are some of our personal pet sitting recommendations for you:

Dubai Cat Sitting Company - This came highly recommended to us and we were not disappointed. The service is super professional and every touch point and detail is very strong.

For bookings: +971 50 920 3588 /

Pawland - Recommended by a few friends. Fully licensed with strong reviews online.

For bookings: +971 58 289 6883 /

Pet Sitter Dubai - This company has great experience in many pet types including snakes and birds.

For bookings: / +971 56 744 8934

PawPals DXB - A great local company with strong reviews.

For bookings: 050 180 4041 /

Happy Tails - Pet sitting for cats and dogs by Rabia and her team. Dog walking service also available.

For bookings: / 050 903 8255.

The Dubai Dog Sitting Company - Specialising in pooches, this company offers home visits to look after and walk your dog.

For bookings: / 050 920 3588.

Dupaws - This is a pet sitting platform to help you fnd sitters who live locally to you. Prices are set by the pet sitter themselves so they vary.

For options and bookings:

Pet Bae - Another recommended website that connects pet owners to pet sitters is Pet Bae - great name huh!

For options and bookings:


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