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Bespoke Desert Glamping with The Nest

desert glamping the nest

So many of us crave the natural experience for a relaxing vacay, but enjoy the home comforts too. Elevating the experience with luxury sounds like the dream, right?

The team from Nara Desert Escape is offering exactly that to guests for the cooler months in Dubai. Launching on September 23, 2022, The Nest is located within Dubai Conservation Reserve and this hidden gem is nestled between picturesque sand dunes for the ultimate glamping escape from the city.

Like everything in Dubai, ‘Glamping’ is simply elevated camping. with Nara Desert Escape, this means sleeping in Berber tents called The Nest, on comfy mattresses, and under the watchful eye of the twinkling desert sky. Each of the 14 Nests comes with its own bedroom, bathroom, and an open-air majlis. To ensure everyone has an extra special time on arrival, guests are treated to a selection of savory tapas. Guests can make their own selection and choose between Japanese, Oriental, vegan, barbeque, or a curated gastronomic dinner made by French Chef, Franck Sanna.

For a unique experience tailored to you, guests can pick from the dune view (from AED 2,900), sunrise view (from AED 3,200) and sunset view (from AED 3,500) packages.

Each Nest can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. Bookings can also be made for anyone looking just to have dinner under the stars for AED 860 per adult or AED 380 per child.

Bookings for The Nest, Sonara Camp, Dubai Desert Conservation can be made on


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