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Behind The Mask

Living life to the fullest, black belt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, Dr Amanda Powell shares her fact-based beauty secrets and reveals how LED light can reinvent our skin which gets an A+ from us

Our third and final beauty maven of the week is Dr Amanda Powell. More than an expert, the doctor and surgeon and ran a chain of clinics globally from London before moving to Dubai. When the pandemic came along it disrupted Dr Amanda's life, but the entrepreneurial side the doctor took advantage of the pandemic and ventured out of her comfort zone into beauty tech from South Korea with another amazing entrepreneur. The company went from strength to strength around the globe before the duo decided to venture into the Middle East.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Up at 7am. Meditation for 20 minutes with my CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask for the perfect start of the day for a beautiful skin and peace of mind. Hit the gym with a 20 minutes run and some yoga.

At 9am I am in the office and my day begins with a cup of cappuccino. I am usually in meetings with clients and partners and in and out of the office, and catching up with my team. Usually, the work day ends around 6pm and sometimes I will have a work dinner meeting too. If not, home and to the kitchen to cook. I love cooking. In my spare time, I catch up with Korean drama on Netflix, learn Arabic or work on a painting (I love acrylic). Bed time is usually around 11pm. To help me sleep better, I am on my CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask again (in bed) as it stimulates melatonin and drift off to sleep and recharge, ready for another day on planet earth!

What do you love most about your job?

When it’s your passion, it isn’t a job as such. I love everything from the interaction to the negotiating of deals to all the challenges you can think of. I love that I am also to empower other women to step out of their comfort zone and make their dream a reality.

If you weren't a Doctor - what would you be?

I would be a florist! I love the smell of fresh flowers so my very next venture may just be a flower shop (erm or a chain of them perhaps!).

How does LED light help the skin?

LED lights that is used in CELLRETURN are based on NASA technology using Near Infrared wavelength as well as Red and Blue wavelengths. These wavelengths are patented after research proving that they are the most effective yet safe to use.

There are 1026 LEDs in total on the face mask, making it the most powerful mask. Scientific researches have proven the efficacy of the devices in skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, hair loss (our Hair Alpha Ray device), wound healing, anti-inflammation and much, much more. The science behind the light treatment is called photo biomodulation (PBM), where the light is converted to energy in the mitochondria of the cells and the energy is then able to power the cell and start a cascade of cellular regeneration. That’s exactly how the mask is able to work its magic on all types of skin issue because it works on a cellular basis.

Who are the best candidates to use the Platinum LED Mask?

Anyone really! The acne prone skin teenagers can benefit from the blue light treatment that fights against P.acnes. The red mode is collagen stimulating and works for everyone from the ages of 25 and above (as we stop producing collagen after 25). The red mode is also useful for wound healing, anti-ageing (reducing lines and wrinkles, decreasing skin laxity), pigmentation, scarring.

The pink mode is helpful for sensitive skin and works well for rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. The pink mode is also great after a sunburn.

NASA research has been involved in the research of developing the masks. Can you tell us how?

NASA first used the infrared rays for growing crops in the space when it was discovered that the infrared rays are helping with wound healing and burns treatment. From that, a lot of researches were done and the benefits especially for the skin.The Platinum LED Mask penetrates the skin twelve times deeper than any other LED device in the market.

Can you tell us how it works?

The light wavelengths are crucial here, hence why CELLRETURN’s wavelengths are patented. Our research and development department tested the wavelengths to ensure it is most efficacious yet safe and works to target the cells, hence why we are able to penetrate 12x deeper into the skin and approximately 6mm into the skin (most professional devices are only able to penetrate 3-4mm).

What is the best time age-wise to start using LED therapy on the face?

I personally would suggest from late 20’s but really it depends on your skin type and your skin concerns.

From the first use, how long is it until we can see marked results?

You can see results from just one use for glowy and dewy skin. However, for a good visble result, we suggest 4-6 weeks of at least 3 times a week if not daily.

Your top 5 tips for great skin at any age are?

  1. Always use SPF even when it’s cloudy and grey

  2. Wash your face at least once a day

  3. Use a good serum and moisturise well

  4. Change your skincare every season

  5. SPF and protect your skin!

Dr Amanda's Nine to Five...

· My alarm goes off at: 7am

· The first thing I do is: Meditate with my CELLRETURN Platinum LED Face Mask

· For breakfast I like to eat: 2 poached eggs

· My daily wardrobe always consists of: An abaya

· My daily exercise regime is: A run then yoga

· I always eat lunch…I don’t always eat lunch

· In my downtime I… Paint or sing

· I spend my evenings: With my family

· Before I go to bed I: Reflect on the day and count my blessings...

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