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Baby Loss Awareness Week - Register Now for Love Through Loss Virtual Event

Registration is now open for the Love Through Loss virtual event taking place on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October - online via Zoom.

Baby Loss Awareness Week begins on the 9th of October 2022 and marks a week of awareness, education and support to the many people affected by and those supporting families through baby and pregnancy loss.

The Love Through Loss event will take place online on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October, followed by an in-person Afternoon of Remembrance on Saturday 15th October for the Global Wave of Light, 5:00 – 7:30pm at Nature Escapes, Al Barari.

Now in its second year, and with a packed 2 day schedule of panel sessions, Love Through Loss sees incredible local communities come together alongside pregnancy and baby loss survivors, as well as those who have struggled or been unable to become parents, to provide support, much-needed conversation, and raised awareness, whilst also providing a deeper emotional education for professionals.

A full event schedule and session registration is now available at

ANYONE affected by baby and pregnancy loss or infertility is invited to come together to share, discuss and receive support and guidance in a completely safe space. Each session will be hosted by a specialist within a specific area of baby and pregnancy loss as well as a person with lived experience.

Sessions on Thursday 13th October - starting at 9.45am are:

IVF Loss and Fertility Struggles, Ectopic Loss, Miscarriage, Womb Wellbeing, Termination for Medical/Maternal Health Reasons, Neonatal Loss, Siblings Support Stillbirth, Pregnancy after Loss, and Mindfullness in Pregnancy after Loss

Sessions on Friday 14th October - starting at 9.45am are:

SIDS & Infant Loss, Memory making, Due dates, Anniversaries and Keeping Connection, Funeral Arrangements, Repatriation & Cremation, Grounding Session, Dad’s Grieve Too, Family & Friends, Loss Within Twins & Multiples, Palliative Care, Caring for your Grief, Childless not by Choice, Loss & Postpartum recovery and Mindfulness in Grief.

Saturday 15th October -Afternoon of Remembrance

An in person ‘Afternoon of Remembrance’ takes place on Saturday 15th October 5 to 7.30pm for the ‘Global Wave of Light’ at Nature Escapes, Al Barari, Dubai.

The Love Through Loss commemorative star can be purchased and collected at the event

The commemorative star is created each year for the Love Through Loss community. In recognition of every baby lost in pregnancy or infancy, our wooden stars will be engraved with your baby’s name. If you did not name your baby, please feel able to use ‘Little Star’ or anything else that feels appropriate or meaningful to you.

Love Through Loss is produced by a collective of communities and advocates dedicated to breaking down barriers in the region and opening conversations that may be difficult to have in the mainstream. The collective includes Small and Mighty Babies, IVF Support UAE, Lala Langtry White Support, TFMR Mamas, Twins Plus Arabia, Still a Mum, The Prepared Pineapple, and health and wellness agency TishTash Communications.

A community standing together in conversation & support for those that have lost a baby at any stage from conception to infancy.

The aim is not only to support families affected by baby loss but also to raise awareness & education for those connected to families through the death of a baby to provide confident and compassionate bereavement care.

For the full Love Through Loss schedule and to RSVP for individual sessions - please see


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