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Adventure Island Launches On JBR

Adventure Island launches on JBR

With hot “indoor” months not far ahead, we’re keeping an eye on things to do when the great outdoors will be unbearable.

The great news for us, there’s a new unique indoor adventure spot that has just opened called Adventure Island.

Located in JBR’s Bahar Plaza – Al Gharbi St. the venue features gaming concepts like PIXEL and Laser Island.

PIXEL offers games with an immersive LED floor that comes alive, and your objective is to tread on the dynamically changing shades to score big. The Laser Island on the other hand offers, heart-pounding laser tag battles with action-packed game formats, realistic special effects, and space for up to 24 players.

The immersive entertainment experience promises an unforgettable adventure for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike. For those visiting with kids, it’s for children over six – so keep in mind. For more information, check them on



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