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5 Tips for Finding a New Job

By Nicki Wilson, Genie Recruitment

So, you have decided it’s time to move on, now what? Navigating the route to a new job role can be easier than you think with a little bit of a mixed approach. This is the step-by-step approach of what I would suggest doing:

Update your CV

The number of times I get a message or a call from someone looking for a new job.

Me “Right, I have something for you please send your CV ASAP”

Jobseeker “OH, ermm I need to update it”

Days go by, weeks even and by the time the CV is sent the job is filled. Happens all the time, it is so worth keeping an updated CV on hand otherwise you could just miss out on the job of your dreams!


There truly is an art form to LinkedIn, having a profile is just not enough. You need to make sure you are linking with the right contacts; you are active and your easily findable too. Let the profile work for you by:

  • Making sure the same information that is on your CV is on your LinkedIn

  • All dates are the same as to when you actually worked in the positions

  • You have as many keywords throughout your profile as you can

  • There is a way to contact you i.e., email / number

  • If you are VERY active / without work adding your CV is really useful for a recruiter or potential employer

  • Follow relevant groups to ensure your close connected to the people you want to be closely connected too i.e, decision makers in your industry

  • Be an active poster and be seen as the go-to person, even liking, and commenting on industry posts will get you seen

  • Cross check jobs postings and add the job poster to LinkedIn with a personal message

  • Create a list of companies you know your background would suit and start adding the decision makers

  • Get recommendations from previous colleagues, clients, and line managers

Get yourself a recruiter bestie

Something you could do well having throughout your entire career to be honest! They know what’s going on, they know about great jobs, movements in the market and they also are in touch with the decision makers. Having someone be your eyes and ears in career trends could lead to amazing opportunities. More on this subject can be found here:

Most people only get in touch when they need something, but you know what the candidates that just say hi every now and then are the ones I will always be looking out for and landing them jobs again and again.

Reach out to your old colleagues/managers

One of the first points of call in my opinion. These people are being approached for jobs, maybe hiring for positions and also.. they already know how you work so you could be saving them a lot of time by putting your hat in the ring. People will not assume you are active or open to roles unless you say it!

Network, Network, Network

Get yourself out there to anything and everything. Not necessarily just industry events but contacts and opportunities can literally come from anywhere. So, get yourself out there, out of your comfort zone and get talking to people you don’t know. They may have heard of something; they may be decision makers themselves or be personally linked to them! Think 6 degrees of separations!


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