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5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Living Space

Home renovations are in full swing at the moment with every other instagram post showing us glitzy 'before & after' photos of living spaces. It doesn't all have to be about smashing down walls to make a difference to where you live.

We chatted to the Carol Sukkar at Home & Soul who gave us 5 simple ways to transform your living space..

1. Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into your space can offer you maximum results with minimum effort.

Mirrors reflect light, by strategically placing them in your home, you will instantly make your space brighter and lighter, not to mention when the sun rays hit them perfectly, your home will be filled with an array of colorful prisms, added bonus in my opinion.

Create the illusion of space, if you are tight on space, by strategically placing a mirror ( or a few, depending on the area) which help to broaden and elongate the area.

Mirrors make for a wonderful statement piece, either hung (one or more) to create a display on a feature wall, or alternatively, consider placing a large mirror on the floor, decorate with storm candles, vases with your favorite real or faux blossoms, to add warmth and a delicate but effective touch.

2. Feature Wall

A feature wall can switch up the whole feel of the room. This can be a simple project or a labour of love- either way, by incorporating these ideas, you will be in love with the end results.

Changing the colour of one wall, either opt for a neutral tone for a softer, refreshed or renewed look or go bold and add a flair of drama to make it the focal point of the room.

Install shelving to house your favorite accessories, photographs, planters perhaps placed over a console table for added storage and easy accessibility to those last minute items before leaving the house.

Curate your own photo/picture gallery either with the fondest of memories with your beloveds or of your with your favorite prints or artwork, play around with the shapes and style of the frames to showcase your creative flair.

3. Textiles.

Adding new textures, shapes and textiles will take you on a sensory journey and uplift the entire experience.

New rugs, beside the more practical benefits for adding rugs (natural soundproofing and insulation) they can add comfort and balance to any space and a good way to express your personality and creative flair.

Throws and comfy cushions, adding these to your living space will immediately invite you to relax and unwind after a busy day.

New curtains can help with the transition of seasons or simply to refresh the room, frame your favorite view. Accessories can add new looks and are easily switched up depending on your mood, think candles, books with bookends, ornaments, little pops of colour, flowers, decorative art pieces,

4. Statement Furniture

Statement furniture should take centre stage in its environment that will quickly become the focal point and hottest conversational topic of the day. A statement piece infuses your personality, personal experience or your personality into the room. This gives you full license to bend the rules and play to even your most whimsical desire. Indulge yourself by discovering and playing with new designs, material, colour - any unique differences that speak to you. We love a statement sofa or chair, mirror, extra-large vase, pendant light… the list goes on, but the key is to have fun with it!

5. Plants

Bring the outdoors indoors with your favorite plants, create your own little tranquil oasis with your favorite plants, indoor plants offer such incredible health benefits such as lowered anxiety and stress levels, they increases the oxygen levels in the room, Of course if you suffer from allergies or the cost implication is too high we find that faux plants are just as beneficial as they improve your mood, they are convenient in terms of getting exactly what you want and sticking to your budget. Generally adding flowers and plants, real , faux or even dried are guaranteed to improve your mood.

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