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2023 Fashion Trends To Jump On

As we all settle ourselves into a brand new year, with goals and resolutions enthusiastically made (and maybe broken at this stage?) plus many occasions on the calendar to look forward to, we also start to look at what we will be wearing in 2023 and the main trends to be aware of. There’s no denying that

2022 certainly brought us lots of influential fashion inspo to consume and wear thanks to TikTok and Netflix shows such as Stranger Things and Wednesday. Gen Z is continuing to rule the fashion stratosphere (and obsessed with the ’90s may I add!) by influencing the major fashion houses, designers and high-profile runways. Where once, the youth of today was primarily influenced by what was showcased during Fashion Week globally, it seems the tides have turned and the power is now in Gen Z’s hands. With all that in mind, let’s look at what we will be coveting this year and what you will most likely see all over your FYP!

90’s Minimalism

The ’90s are still making a comeback thanks to Gen Z and there seems to be no stopping the low-rise denim, slip dresses and utility/combat trousers. But 2023 sees a return to the sleek lines and clean minimalism of the 90’s elevating simple basics and pared-down accessories. This refreshed look offers a modern-minimalist slant from the loud and in-your-face Y2K looks we’ve seen the past few seasons. For inspiration, think of Hailey Bieber’s effortless style.

Digital Lavender and Viva Magenta

Trend forecasting company WGSN recently announced their colour of the year – Digital Lavender, a calming, gender-neutral shade of purple. Expect to see hues of purple adorn the high street and online with lilac taking centre stage from casual separates to occasion pieces. The Pantone Colour Institute has also recently announced Viva Magenta – a vibrant, reddish-pink as their colour of the year, explaining that the shade ‘merges the richness, warmth and strength of natural matters with the rich, open horizons of the digital world.

Don’t know which one to wear? Wear both for maximum effect and a full colour-blocking moment.

Tulle, Ruffles and Feathers

This has Emily Cooper’s name all over it! Thanks to Emily in Paris, tulle, outlandish details and over-the-top accessories will continue to rise in 2023. Think of it as dopamine dressing! The key to this trend, if it does sound slightly intimidating, is to pair those over-the-top feathers, ruffles and tulle with minimalist pieces in your wardrobe including your favourite pair of denim jeans.


Fun fact: it’s no longer a taboo subject to have your undergarments showing through your clothes! In fact, for the sheer trend that has overtaken the catwalks, it’s preferred. Sultry mesh and sheer fabrics are having a moment right now, but with an uber-feminine twist.


Fringing (or tassels) is one trend that made an appearance last summer and has stayed around to be another big hit in 2023. A great look for summer parties and festivals, fringing gives clothing added depth and movement. Even though fringes and tassels can traditionally give off more of a bohemian vibe, for 2023 – it’s going more glam from fringing on skirts and knits to full-blown flapper-inspired dresses.

Asymmetric Lines

An effective trend with maximum impact. This is a really simple trend to adopt and wear. Whether it’s an asymmetric hemline or a one-shoulder neckline, it’s all about the high-low angles. This look also is also a nod to the 90s. The minimalism trend mentioned above (ticking two trends in one) with daring

splits on skirts and dresses add to the asymmetric drama.

Utilitarian Style

Cargo pants are everywhere right now (thanks to Bella Hadid!) and they are sticking around for 2023. Plus the look is now expanding into other areas of your wardrobe. The trend has evolved into tailored silhouettes, interesting pocket placements, elevated fabrics like silk and organza and colours that go beyond khaki and olive.

Shiny Happy People

Whether or not you have that R.E.M. song ‘Shiny Happy People’ in your head right now or whether or not you like it or hate it – it’s all about the shine! While sequins may feel over as soon as January 1st, designers are making the case for ‘daytime shine’. Pairing shiny metallic pieces in shades of gold, bronze, silver and rose gold adds a touch of glamour and daytime chic to a causal basic such as a tank top or pair of denim. Take advantage of thesales ladies and scout out the shiniest items for a bargain!


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