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12 Trends You Need to Try in 2024 (According to Pinterest)

Trends you need to try

Every year, Pinterest analyses the unique search data and action points of its 428 million users to compile an annual trend forecasting report. The document details the anticipated trends for the year ahead, and once again the 2024 document does not disappoint. 

Over the past four years, a whopping 80% of the brand’s predictions came to fruition. You have to hand it to the social media giant; the consistent accuracy of the platform is unprecedented. Most notably, Pinterest predicted the “Dopamine Dressing” trend of 2022, and just eight months later, there was an 11x increase in mentions of the term across the internet. If that’s not a predictive superpower, then what is?

Whether you consider yourself a trendsetter or a dedicated follower, it's especially good for businesses to be aware of what's 'in'— and what's 'out') when planning for the year ahead. So, while the year is still fresh, let's delve into the top Pinterest predictions for 2024. 


In the wellbeing corner, 2024 will be about focusing on deeper, more meaningful connections. Gen Z and Millennials are behind the wheel of this "Big Talk" trend, searching for the answers to intense questions through intimate conversations that encourage a profound connection. 

“Blue Beauty Aquamarine” make-up is back, and even bolder than the first time around. This 60’s staple will be incorporated into the modern beauty routines of Gen Z’s and Millennials, from blue nails and mascara to blue graphic eyeshadow. 

Meanwhile, expect a body care major moment. The “Head to Glow” trend will see Boomers and Gen Z double down on luxurious lotions and at-home spa experiences. We can smell it from here. 


For the fash-pack, bows are taking over. Bows upon bows, upon bows. No bow is too large, and no bow is too small. Don’t be surprised to find bows everywhere, on everything, including shoes, hair, jewellery and Christmas Trees! 

While retro make-up does the rounds, Gen Z and Boomers will be embracing retro and expressive dressing to match. Introducing "Eclectic Grandpa” - the ultimate grandpa-core wardrobe, featuring retro streetwear, chic cardigans and customised items. 

In alignment with this fad, excess will be major during 2024. Expect to find Boomers and Gen X transforming basic tees to unique fits, utilising any snips and scraps they can get their hands on. 


Vintage and retro aesthetics aren’t just reserved for the wardrobe in 2024 though. Kitsch kitchens (a trend aptly dubbed 'Kitchens') will take over the long-serving minimalist kitchen decor of previous years. Expect thrifted finds and vintage appliances against maximalist pops of paint. 

If bold pops of colour aren’t your thing, you might find yourself becoming obsessed with “Western Gothic” schemes instead. Mixing vintage Americana with deep and moody hues, Gen X and Boomers will be attempting DIY takeovers encapsulating dark fringes, and even darker paints. 

Blame the rising cost of living or the public’s boycotting trends of coffee chains, but “Cafecore" is also on the rise. “Coffee Bar Styling” searches have increased at an astonishing rate of +1,125% — cue dreamy at-home coffee stations featured at a home near you. 

“Hot Metals” and “Jelly” are also tipped to be aesthetic themes of the moment in 2024. Deemed to be all over your kitchen, these aesthetics are also bound to spill into the wider fashion and beauty arenas. Whether your vibe is those early '90s jelly sandals, or you’re more into liquid silver denim, chances are you’ll buy into one of these trends in one way or another during the upcoming months. 


Tired of living fast, or just plain tired, 2024 will see most of us vacationing slow. We’ll be be sleeping lots and opting for digital detoxes on the way. Gen Z’s and Millennials will retreat to laidback locales that favour a quiet stay versus a am-packed itinerary with “Rest Stops”. Meanwhile, it seems like Boomers and Gen X aren’t as ready to slow down yet. They’ll be enlisting their off-road 4x4s and heading for the mountains in a so-called ‘Dirt Flirts’ prediction. 

If you're travelling for any upcoming wedding celebrations, it might also be time to dust off your flares. Wedding season this year draws inspiration from the '70s, with disco-inspired “Groovy Nuptials”. From disco decor to bohemian bachelorettes, Boomers and Millennials are behind this retro-inspired return to the dance floor. 

Whichever trend you do or do not opt into, it’s safe to say that in 2024, big is back, and more is more. 


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