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10 Reasons Why We Love the Rain in Dubai

Cloud seeded or not, a Dubai expat loves a lesser spotted rainfall - but in June?

Dig deep people, and remember why you love a good outdoor shower!

The great cool off

Yep, it’ll bring the temps down a notch - not necessarily much less than 40 degrees, but still.

Take THAT Dewa

No sprinklers required! Your lawn will thank you for it!

Croc wearers

Nothing worse than a squelch in a Croc - feel free to laugh at the plastic plodders.

Those things on your windscreen?

Yep - wipers - you get to learn how they work! (next lesson - indicators.)

Holiday preparation.

Perfect practice for your trip home to Manchester. Look Gran!

A reason to complain

Yesterday it was the weather. Today, it’s *still* the weather.

A reason to do nothing

Yesterday it was too hot to do anything, but you still had to. Today, it’s too wet to do anything. Netflix still works though.

You get to cancel plans

And you don’t even need to invent an excuse.

Play games.

Hunt the umbrella. Kids love it, promise.

Dance in the rain

‘Spitting’ or throwing it down? Wet is wet, and at least you won’t be cold.

Wet and sand-dirty, but not cold.


Something to share

Because I guarantee, NOBODY else will know it’s raining and your insta fam should be the first to find out, right?


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