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Your Ultimate Summertime Upside-Down Escape Playlist

By Neha Anwar

Music is an integral part of our lives and has helped us through rough times like a bad break-up or the clutches of isolation during the lockdown. The power of music became a powerful plot point in the latest installment of the 4th Season of the Netflix series Stanger Things.

To take you through the summer months I asked a few friends what their Upside-Down song would be for the season and why.

  • Black by Pearl Jam- “I remember the first time I heard this song distinctly; I think I was 19 at the time. It was International Music Day; everyone was jamming to music in public and a stranger came up to me and offered me his headphones. It was magic!” said Karine Jaber

  • Never Too Much by Luther Vandross and Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan – “Both are just really feel-good songs and always make me smile!” said Laura Davidson

  • Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison – “It reminds me of my happy childhood memories, and you can't not dance to it!” said Scarlett Sykes

  • Stuck on you by Lionel Richie – “Every time I listen to it takes me back to my wedding day and that simply makes me happy,” said Cheryl King

  • Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast – “I just like the melody of the song… the combination of indie rock and synth-pop… it puts me in a good mood,” said Hannah Aquino

  • Starboy by The Weeknd – “It hypes me up, it’s a song I have heard all my Uni-life which has helped me strive through,” said Rifa Khan

  • All the Stars by SZA and Kendric Lamar – “It’s my go-to song for 6 years. This song has held me high when I was the lowest in my life, the vibe definitely cheers me up and probably brings me into a trance when I am no more bothered about the world,” said Aliya Jamal

  • This Girl by Kungs & Cookiń on 3 burners – “because it instantly transports me to a summer party in Europe. Oh, to be young, wild, and free!” said Moushmi Bhatia

  • Carry on my wayward son by Kansas – “Lyrically and musically, this tune has always inspired me to keep ‘carrying on’ on challenging days,” said Ylova Hamdan.

What is your Upside-Down song for the summer?


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