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Why We Love Twiggy

There’s nothing better than a pool day and we have no shortage here in the UAE to enjoy. It’s fair to say it’s always the battle of the newest, the shiniest, the biggest and the best and it’s hard not to have your head turned by what comes next.

This said, we’re now in our second year of loving Twiggy Dubai, nestled at one of our favourite Dubai Hotels, The Park Hyatt on Dubai Creek and we thought we’d share why. Just in case you’re yet to discover this quite literal hot spot.

Everything from the moment you arrive at Twiggy is chic and heavenly. The valet is easy and the welcome desk is situated in the gift shop which contains at least 34 things you don’t need but want to buy, as well as a few you may need for the day such as a new pair of sunnies and a statement pair of earrings.

After being shown to your sun lounger, or Cabana if you’re feeling flash, your towel is laid out for you and you’re treated to an ice-cold towel. Yes, this really is the business class of beach clubs and it’s full of adults too.

On that point, I think it’s important to take a moment here, as it’s fair to say the type of people at Twiggy or any beach club we head to these days is important. We’re past the days where we want to cram ourselves into a packed pool party excited at the prospect of meeting someone new and exciting, drinking all the free drinks on offer, maybe ordering a portion of fries if we remember to eat. Yes, those were the days! Well days of sorts ;)

When I come to Twiggy, it’s with my husband or my close girlfriends and we come to enjoy quality time together in a beautiful location, with good food and drink and in a more exclusive setting. And this is what we get. Twiggy gets busy, but never too busy as it’s controlled, and the guests are on the whole thirty and forty something. You never feel uncomfortable being stared at by groups of guys in your stomach-controlled swimsuit (keeping it real folks!). The other women there are not all perfect and unobtainable either – there are plenty of real bodies on show, our own very much included. It’s very mixed in terms of nationalities and in terms of residents and tourists too.

The drinks menu is really good and we’re personally big fans of the frozen Margheritas as a way of staying cool under your umbrella, but the wine list is also great, and they do a mean iced coffee too - which is usually our favourite way to start the day (doors open at 9am by the way!).

We’re at that age where we appreciate quality food and whether you choose to go and eat in the restaurant itself or have a table bought to your lounger, the menu is filled with sushi, oysters, interesting salads and of course a truffle pizza. It looks good and it tastes better. Sometimes they hand out fruit lollies too which is a lovely touch. The one point to note here is that there are a few crows and seagulls on the prowl who can swoop as soon as you turn your back for a moment. We may have lost a truffle fry or two and a piece of sushi to our new feathered friends, but we survived unscathed apart from a momentary fright, followed by a whole lot of laughter that form part of a lovely day of memories.

The music is chic cool dance tunes that don’t make you feel your age or overpower you at any point. And when it gets a bit toasty you cool yourself off in the man-made beach/infinity pool that looks onto Dubai Creek blending shades of blue in a really classy, almost not in Dubai kind of way. Don’t even start us on the bathrooms, which are an Instagrammable haven, that nearly made us comfortable with Instaggraming ourselves in our bikini – we said “nearly” ;)

It’s fair to say Twiggy isn’t the cheapest beach club option in the city, but it’s one of our favourites for the fact it’s pure quality and just a really lovely treat. The sunbeds cost 200 dhs per person, not redeemable, but it’s worth every penny for a truly lovely and luxurious day out.

We hear the owners are bringing a new beach concept to Palm Jumeirah too this September and well we cannot wait!


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