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Why Bridgerton season two is the new binge we all need

by Kellie Whitehead

Loosen those corsets ladies, Lady Whistledown is back, spilling the tea on London’s finest gossip.

Bridgerton - Netflix second most-watched series of the year (behind Squid Game of course) dropped its second season this week, and let's face it, it’s never the only thing that get’s dropped in Bridgerton, so if you haven’t managed to reclaim your (Regency) sofa for a marathon just yet - here’s why you should.

First things first - no more Regé-Jean Page. Yup - sorry gals - that ship sailed in season 1. What will Daphne do without her Simon?

Enough about Daphne - we have a new leading lady in town. Kate Sharma is the elder sister of Anthony Bridgerton's intended high society bride Edwina. Kate doesn’t like Anthony, the feeling is mutual. Then the mutual feeling turns into mutual feelings and, well, poor Edwina I say. Anthony is stepping up as head of the Bridgerton clan, and after having his heart broken last season, are his thoughts even on settling down? let alone the love of the triangular kind

As the chemistry simmers between Anthony and Kate, with typical Bridgerton undertones, what will Penelope Featherington make of the new sisters, all the way from India?. And simmer it does - across rooms, grazing hands, and a myriad of ‘almost’s’ - you’ll just have to wait for the, ahem, climax. As the tension builds between two people very much focused on their families, get ready for some finale fireworks.

But I’ve gotta tell you, if you are looking for sexy time akin to season 1, you will be sorely disappointed. For this second outing, think ‘romance’, think ‘tension’ - think Pride and Prejudice style lovers' journey, and that’s not where the P&P comparison ends.

Here’s to obstinate men being constantly challenged by fiercely independent women! Go girlfriends!

Who doesn’t love a handsome man in a sodden shirt? There are a few Jane Austen nods throughout this series, and we see Anthony Bridgerton channel his inner Darcy whilst emerging from a lake. And just like Darcy, Anthony is similarly keen on a longer life as a confirmed bachelor. Ha.

Let’s talk about clothes. No mean feat, and apparently featuring a team of no less than 120 on the series wardrobe duties, with 700 costumes created, and of course the glamour does not disappoint. You’ll be especially taken with Chanel-inspired textures and fabrics with no regard for period authenticity. I wouldn’t fancy dying all those shoes to match.

Speaking of period inauthenticity, the soundtrack is another musical mash up. Classical versions of contemporary hits feature again of course, with the new season even bringing us a bit of Nirvana, Harry Styles and Rihanna. Nice. It may be more lingering looks than raucous romping, but Bridgerton season two is certainly the anecdote to a car crash modern world right now. ‘Did you miss me, dear readers?’ We did, mi’ Lady, we did.


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