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Sit back and soak up an incredible Arabic performance this Eid by two of the regions most talented artists

Handpan and calligraphy

In this one-of-a-kind performance, calligrapher, muralist and live-performer Diaa Allam will perform live calligraphy from his collection "Layers." The collection mirrors his own self-reflection, showcasing his interpretation of life's layers, aiming to inspire the audience to view life in a new way.

In addition to the live calligraphy, the audience will enjoy the sounds of the handpan with a live performance by Anas Al Halabi, the Middle East's first handpan teacher. With over 200 performances in 20 countries, the international artist created the world's first handpan orchestra with 100 musicians. During TODA, Anas will present an immersive style of Arabian art that captivates the audience with ten of the region's most talented handpan musicians. On for one night only, book in today to enjoy this artistic performance for Eid.

When: 21st of April

Cost: Tickets start at AED180

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