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Selling Sunset…Why do we love other people’s houses?

Selling Sunset…Why do we love other people’s houses?

Being able to have a nosy around other people's properties without having to leave the sofa. The dream.

Even better dream…

Multi-million dollar mansions, penthouses and slick city pads against an azure sky backdrop and agents as drop-dead gorgeous as the pool-side set ups and flashy interiors.


It’s back my property, bitch fight loving friends.

Selling Sunset is back and we can’t wait. It’s sure going to beat figuring out what’s behind your colleague or client on a zoom call, and whilst we love a bit of ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ and the transformation of a ‘doer upper’ - nothing quite beats the glitz and glamour of our friends at Oppenheim. Property and pettiness all in one easily binged dose. Perfect.

We can even look forward to a new spin-off series, ‘Selling the OC’ and season five promises a group trip to Greece and a new cast member. We literally cannot wait.

This season of Selling Sunset will include mainstays Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, Christine Quinn, Amanza Smith, and more, alongside the Oppenheim brothers. It will also include the new additions from season 4, Emma and Vanessa Villela, with appearances from Heather's now-husband, Tarek El Moussa, as they prepare for their wedding. A new agent is coming to Oppenheim Group as well, named Chelsea Lazkani.

From Zoom spying to the insta obsessions with interiors and renovations, what is it that makes the world of property so addictively enticing to so many of us? Maybe we are just plain nosy. Maybe it’s the un-reality of the mega-mansion and the perfectly coiffed and heeled agents that lift us from our humdrum abodes into an aspirational dreamworld.

The thing is, as humans we are born with an innate desire for ‘betterment’, so this could simply be looking for fresh inspiration and ideas for our own homes, through to pure curiosity, or in the case of Selling Sunset, a bit of drama coupled with some casa candy for the eyes. We find our way into the lives of those we do not ‘hang’ with on a day-to-day basis, we literally get to see how the ‘other half’ lives - well, belief suspended of course.

In real life - the difference between the friend or colleague we think we ‘know’ and then seeing their home environment, well. It can teach us an extra thing or two for sure. Little miss office perfect? Hasn’t cleaned that kitchen worktop in days - and don’t tell me you don’t get a little bit of satisfaction from that. And how great would it be if boring Todd has a leather-clad secret room somewhere….?

And the thing is this - would we still love Selling Sunset as much if the protagonists all had perfect lives alongside the perfect properties? Nope. Sometimes we need to see the grass on the other side of the fence to be quite happy in our two bed, wrong side of town condo thank you very much.

by Kellie Whitehead


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