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RMS Legendary Serum Lipstick

RMS Legendary Serum Lipstick Range

Everyone has been raving about the RMS Legendary Serum Lipstick's and so much so we firmly had it on our wish list and trust us, it did not disappoint. LIP CHANGING! And Game Changing!

As a first of its kind lipstick and lip stain serum, it creates fully saturated, long-lasting coverage with just one swipe. Super lightweight yet deeply pigmented, the non-drying water-based formula hydrates, smooths and revitalizes lips with a velvety, satin finish. Minimum effort, weightless feel, lasting impact. Better still, it's clean and kind too.

Available on Secret Skin with same day delivery in the UAE for AED 149.

Discover the shades of RMS Legendary Serum Lipsticks


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