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Review// Urban Company Home Salon Service

by Adele Allen

Home services have become very popular in recent years. Who wants to go and sit in a salon for hours on end when you could be in the comfort of your own home? With this in mind, I was very excited to try Urban Company for soft gel nail extensions.

The Company: Urban Company is an at-home salon service that offers a premium range of beauty and well-being services including manicures, pedicures, face care, spa, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. Bringing the best beauty experience home, now at even better prices. Experience the work of professionally trained beauticians using top branded products, completely hassle and mess-free.

Urban Company has announced the UAE's biggest beauty festival is back with Urban Company’s Salon Spree get up to 60% off on nails, hair services, spa and other salon-at-home services from February 8-20th.

Experience: I loved everything about my treatment from Urban Company, the nail technician Milian, was so friendly and warm from the moment she arrived at my home. She brought everything she needed with her and was able to set up in the smallest of spaces. She was very efficient and explained all the different types of products she was using, my two little children had lots of questions for her and she answered them all. I was very impressed with her selection of colours and options available.

Verdict: I would definitely use Urban Company again. The simplicity of the booking system and the communication on the day of my service were great. The quality of products and the level of services were excellent. The technician was very polite and professional. The compliments that I have received about my new nails confirmed just how good they looked, Urban Company is my new go-to home service.

Visit to learn more or download the app on Apple & Android.


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