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Review / Trèsind Studio Palm Jumeirah

By Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

For a huge fan of Indian food, the fact I’d never been to the much-accoladed Trèsind restaurants is pretty shocking. It’s fair to say they have been on my list for a while. Maybe the fact it was on the other side of the city to me didn’t help. It took Trèsind Studio opening in walking in distance from my home on Palm Jumeirah, to finally get me there and it’s fair to say I was totally blown away and wish I’d gone sooner and I’m already dreaming of my next visit.

Trèsind Studio is not just another Indian restaurant though. It’s classed as a “dining experience” and it is a captivating show indeed. It offers diners the chance to try new and familiar flavours in a highly creative and theatrical way. Each evening there are 2 sittings at Trèsind Studio, 6pm and 9pm with each costing AED 595 per person, plus drinks, for approximately 18 courses. The venue isn’t huge and the guests seated in an intimate arrangement facing the kitchen are treated to a choreographed show through the courses.

Upon arrival we enjoyed a tipple on the terrace from their cocktail menu – the Indian spice Margharita is definitely worth a try. Then we were seated as it was time for our session to begin, complete with some light dimming. The venue is very minimally decorated and dressed, allowing for the menu to do the talking. 18 courses isn’t quite as scary as it sounds, as many of them are bite sized only. Each as Instagrammable and delicious as the last. Some of our favourites included Vegetarian Wood-apple pani puri, pomelo salad, coriander flowers, Kebab scarpetta, sour dough bun and Blossom chaat, pumpkin mash, trio of chutney, but honestly we eagerly awaited each and every one.

Our time at Trèsind was memorable and delicious in equal measure. It’s definitely a pick for a special occasion like an anniversary or Birthday as it is special and deserves to be treated as such and it is a little on the higher side price wise (but worth every Dirham!). The menu is unique and each mouthful delicious, the service attentive and professional and the whole experience was just WOW as I’d expected it would be. How refreshing when something lives up to all the hype.

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