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November Happenings at Miracles Wellness Centre

Have you thought about trying something new or learning a new skill? Why not give Mindfulness Meditation or Crystal Healing a go? Miracles Wellness Centre have some really great classes and workshops from as little as Dhs30, along with a selection of complimentary 'Demo' classes.

Here are a few of the November ones to look out for:

Thursday November 11th & 25th

  • Stress Relief Candle Light Meditation (Dhs30)

Sunday November 13th

  • FREE Vision Board Party

  • Chakra Balancing @ Aura Cleansing Meditation (Dhs30)

Monday November 14th

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation (Dhs80)

  • Past Life Regression Group Session (Dhs80)

Tuesday November 15th

  • Let's Talk About Money Workshop (Dhs140)

  • Reiki Healing Meditation (Dh80)

Thursday November 17th

  • Connecting with your inner child meditation (Dhs80)

  • Full Moon Crystal Manifestation & Sound Healing Meditation (Dhs50)

Wednesday November 24th

  • Chakra Healing & Realignment Meditation (Dhs80)

  • Connecting to your Body Meditation (Dhs10)

  • Connect & Heal with your guides meditation (Dhs50)

You can find out more information on these classes along with everything else Miracles has to offer here:

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