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CHATEAU BERGER Cosmetiques Unveils Cutting-Edge Skincare

New in the City // CHATEAU BERGER Cosmetiques Unveils Cutting-Edge Skincare Line

Château Berger Cosmetiques, the renowned French skincare brand, launched their latest innovation: 'Youth Booster' by Dr. Alain Fogli, a renowned plastic surgeon in France and internationally.

The new cutting-edge anti-aging serum represents the pinnacle of cosmeceutical advancement, combining biotechnologically extracted plant stem cells with expert medical knowledge to safeguard the vitality and longevity of epidermal stem cells, promoting youthful and radiant skin.

Château Berger Cosmetiques can be found in two Pause Spa Château Berger locations in Paramount Hotels in Dubai. Pause Spa, offers signature treatments centered on a sensorial spa experience and customized, meticulous service to deliver instant results, is backed by the expertise of renowned surgeons and medical professionals to offer a distinctive and immersive experience that local consumers in the UAE now expect.


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