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Mindful Gifting with ZWowMe For a Healthier Planet!

Almost daily we hear about waste, sustainability, and the preservation of our planet. It’s part of our daily life and is drilled into our children at school, educating and encouraging them to make better choices that will benefit our planet, rather than destroy it.

We are constantly faced with the question, ‘What can I do to contribute to a better world?’ Maybe its recycling, using reusable water bottles, driving electric cars, or potentially cutting down on meat. An area that is often sadly forgotten is gifting, which creates millions of tons of waste worldwide. The elaborate and totally unnecessary use of paper, baskets, packaging, balloons, and so much more, is purely used for its visual effect.

The truth is that most of this waste sadly ends up in landfills. Stepping in to save the day is Dubai’s mindful gifting brand, ZWowMe, which is changing the face of gifting one hamper at a time! They do their part for the planet by constantly choosing brands and products that are either sustainable or at least recyclable with the simple (or not so simple) aim of minimalizing plastic usage and reusing every element for their hampers. They genuinely believe that being conscious about the materials we use when gifting doesn’t need to be boring, it can still be fun and creative, and they are here to show us how!

Check them out on social media at for the perfect gifting inspiration for all your special occasions and events.

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