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Mario Badescu: The Hidden Gem Beauty Line!

Mario Badescu, most underated beauty lines

There are so many beauty brands out there and we’re totally aware of how hard it is to make a choice these days. One brand that has been in our beauty cupboard for many years now and which always delivers is Mario Badescu. Many of you may never have heard of it, or maybe when you see the packaging you’ll recall it, but you didn’t know that was its name. Trust us here though, we’ve never tried a bad product yet as they really deliver and they’re also a great affordable price too.

Mario Badescu started out in 1967 mixing products and giving facials in his New York apartment. Fast forward to now and he has a 34 room salon filled with Badescu-trained facialists in New York and a range of more than 200 products on sale across the globe. Here in the Middle East you can find his line stocked in Sephora and so let us share with you our 3 top picks just in case you fancy trying out this brilliant beauty brand.

The Face Sprays

The Face Spray

My personal favourite as I’m a big face spritzer. There are a few in the range each with different ingredients and benefits and depending on your preference. My favourite is the one with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender as it soothes and relaxes me and it keeps my skin hydrated with an infusion of calming botanicals and Lavender Essential Water. I gift this to friends all the time as I just think it’s amazing and should be in every handbag as you run around your daily life.

AED 20 for small and AED 27 for big |

Hyaluronic Dew Drops

Hyaluronic Drops

Now Hyaluranic is one of the skincare ingredients most of us should have in our daily routine as it helps with skin hydration and that is one of the keys to youth. Many brands sell a similar product at a far greater price, but these drops are wonderful. Just pop a tiny bit of this gel serum on as part of your routine for great hydration and dewy soft skin. I got these for my husband too as the brand and its aesthetic make it perfect for him and her.

Drying Lotion

Drying Lotion

Ever have a pesky breakout and need something to help fix it quick. I feel this is the affordable version of Biologique Recherche's P50 everyone raves about (me too!) and so a quick dab on the area usually drys and clears it up over night. It’s won loads of awards and it is brilliant and what a great price too.

There’s a reason for Mario’s powerful legacy – they work! And before you ask, this isn’t a paid feature as we don’t do that. We’re just genuine fans of the brand.

Did we convince you to give it a try yet?


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