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Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever

Barbara Osiecka - Success & Life Coach

A lot of people started 2022 with a New Year Resolution. Unfortunately, according to the research 43% will give up by February. At times it feels that we set the resolutions but know we are not going to make it. If you truly want to make 2022 your best year ever incorporate success-proven, yet very simple, techniques that will help you achieve your goals.


Let’s be honest we might not like to plan but we all agree in most cases it is essential. If you are planning to travel to a place you’ve never been before, what do you do? You check what’s the best way to get there, what are the attractions, how best to move around, where to stay etc.

Planning your future is no different. If you want to arrive at your destination (a.k.a. reach your goal) set time aside for a brainstorm session and start planning:

· What new activities and routines do you need to achieve your goal?

· What will you need to do less or stop doing completely to free up your time?

· What resources do you require? (Journal, app, online course)

· What is the cost of achieving your goal? (Investment of time, financial, social cost)

I am not going to lie, it might take you some time to answer those questions but the more you’re prepared beforehand the more pleasant journey it will be.


Often when we set a goal, we are excited and we jump right into it, trying to accomplish as much as possible in as little time as we can. The truth is the bigger the goal the more time it will take you to reach it. Try this instead:

· Pace yourself.

· Each day set two priorities that must be accomplished.

· On completion tick them off in a journal. This will release dopamine into your brain making you feel good and motivated to complete more tasks.

With this approach, you will be able to work consistently on your goal, even on the days when your motivation is low.


It’s easy to get sucked into being busy instead of productive. You feel you are doing a lot however if you think about what you did during the day you feel like you haven’t done much. After a month you might realise that you barely moved closer to your goal. My suggestion as a Success Coach is:

· Conduct weekly achievement review to notice how much you are accomplishing

· Once a month review your progress: compare the tasks you said you will accomplish to the ones that you actually did.

If you’re falling behind, you will have time to adjust your course and start moving faster to your goal.


We all have the capabilities to achieve great things. Sometimes we just need to see it to believe it. Here are some questions to ask yourself when reflecting on your past. Think about the past struggles and their outcomes:

· What did you do?

· What skills have you used to come on top?

· Have you learnt something new?

· If you were a failure, would you come this far? I don’t think so.

Focus on your strengths and consider how you can use them to overcome your current situation. And don’t forget about all the great things you’ve already achieved.


Working towards the goal requires patience, persistence and completing tasks – also the ones you dislike. It can be a long journey, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Use tools like Success Journal to make your journey more enjoyable.

Success Journal is a great daily tool to set new routines, stay consistent, disciplined, and excited about how fast you are crushing your goals.

· It is designed to get you focused on your priorities

· It builds up confidence in your abilities

· It strengthens the image of yourself as an achiever

· It breaks down into 48 weeks with room for 4 major life goals in a 12-month period

· And the best part? It is undated so you can start whenever you want.

To order your copy of Success Journal and finally achieve your goals visit


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