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Other Women’s Jobs / Fatema Shnyin

Lullabae Founder - Fatema Shnyin

NAME: Fatema Shnyin

AGE: 36


JOB TITLE: Founder, Lullabae

MOVED TO THE UAE IN: Born in UAE, moved away as a child, and has been back since 2011

Fatema is a mum of two boys (3 & 6) who is passionate about functional and eco-friendly sleepwear and playwear for kids! The idea for Lullabae began while on her second maternity leave, she noticed that it was very hard to find functional, soft, and eco-friendly clothing for babies (like many mums she hated all the snaps)! Fatema also fell in love with bamboo and wanted to make prints that were relevant to the region we live in.

6AM: Wake up with my two kids to get them and myself ready for the day, pack lunches, break up siblings fights and give lots of kisses.

9AM: In my office doing my day job! Around lunchtime I always schedule an hour to work on Lullabae, following up with my social media manager, talking to my manufacturer about our latest order, or doing planning work for our next print.

7PM: Get the kids ready for bed, bedtime stories, and shadow puppets on the wall!

8PM: Dinner with my partner

9PM: Jump on my computer for an hour to work on Lullabae “housekeeping”, tracking finances, inventory and working on notes for my fulfillment partner. If I have a shoot coming up I would work on planning that.

11pm: BEDTIME!


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