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Livehealthy Festival 2023

LiveHealthy exercise

Is this the year you focus on your health and wellness? The Livehealthy Festival will give you a head start and all the skills you’ll need as it returns to Abu Dhabi on 21st January 2023 for a fourth edition. They’ll have a dedicated focus on wellness and helping you turn your fitness goals into lasting healthy habits.

The Livehealthy Festival is also a day out for the whole family. For kids, they have arts and crafts sessions from RFLCT Creative Arts, painting, mobility, spin, laughter and family yoga and Muay Thai basics.

For adults, there’ll be exclusive spin, step, Muay Thai, ladies-only Pilates, vinyasa, power and face yoga, bodyweight circuit and mobility classes. There are workshops and panel discussions on immunization, supplements, sleep, how to incorporate moderation into your exercise routine and more. The day wraps up with a beautiful symphony of sound healing.

This year, the festival will be hosted at THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub in the capital’s newest lifestyle destination, Al Qana. The holistic venue builds wellness through seven integrated tracks offering a balance of high-intensity sports, recovery, great food, the chance to develop skills and learning and much more. They believe in being the bridge between who a person is now to who they want to be, which is the perfect place to start any wellness journey.

Sessions at the Livehealthy Festival 2023





Vinyasa and power yoga

ladies-only Pilates

Muay Thai


Muay Thai


arts and crafts sessions conducted by RFLCT Creative Arts

The family

laughter yoga

sound healing orchestra (ages 13+)

Panel discussions at the Livehealthy Festival 2023

Immunizations: How much is enough?

Vaccines are a marvel of modern science and medicine. However, no two are the same. Dr Nasr al Jafari, a functional medicine doctor, answers all of your questions about what’s right for you.

Put me to sleep – A workshop for the whole family

Sleep consultant Claudine Gillard guides participants through a sample of Dana Obleman's Solve Your Sleep method. A simple, easy, system to help you all get a full night’s sleep without the use of sleep aids.

Supplementing your health

Functional nutritionists Suzan Terzian and Farah Hillou join forces to explain how supplements work, what to watch out for when purchasing, and answer your questions.

Refuelling for wellness at the Livehealthy Festival

THE BRIDGE’s organic eatery TASTE is preparing special festival grab-and-go dishes including roasted beetroot feta and pomegranate salad and sweet pea falafel and smoked Caesar and chicken wraps. And if you fancy something sweet – we are all about balance here – dig into a naturally sweetened chocolate or berry and frangipane tart or carrot cake.

The Livehealthy Festival is a ticketed event and access to activities is on a first come first served basis. Ticket prices are Dh120 for Adults and Dh50 for children. The festival is open from 10 am - 5.45 pm

To purchase tickets:

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