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#LifeLessons - Máire Morris (Mo)

NAME: Máire Morris (Mo)

AGE: 40

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @mo_derrymore

I am an entrepreneur, Business owner, and investor in the fields of Fashion, retail, lifestyle, Skincare and food. Irish, living in Dubai, and navigating Life, love, business, family, and learning as I go, much like everyone else I suspect -;)

What are Mo's key #LIFELESSONS

I learned this lesson very early on in life through my Dad, be careful who you choose as friends and surround yourself with people who support & believe in you even when the going gets tough. I watched him and my Mom go through really difficult times and it was glaringly obvious to me as a young teenager who their real friends were and those who weren’t. And not too many years later when my dad passed away, I saw the same pattern emerging and those who truly were there to support my Mom who was 48 years old with 6 kids to raise from age 12- 22 and those same people are still there today and the others very quickly disappeared. This has happened in my own life time also many times, sometimes through distance, sometimes through different lifestyles and that’s ok, but cherish those who are your true friends as they are the ones who will be there for you through all of the ups and downs even.

Always be yourself- believe in yourself even when others don’t, you can be confident & successful and still be humble, don’t compare yourself to others as it truly is a futile exercise, and follow your own path, it definitely will have twists and turns and ups and downs that you do not foresee but they have been put there for a reason- to make you stronger, to keep you agile and to keep you moving forward and most importantly to keep you learning.

#LIFELESSON – 3 For my third life lesson I am going to share a poem that I think sums up almost everything in life by US poet and activist Cleo Wade. For me when I read this it summed up so much that I feel about how I want to live my life and that the choice of how we live this beautiful life is entirely up to us. Yes, we are human and can make mistakes but we learn from them, and why being consistent in your life choices is what makes you entirely you.

"Only Once

Everything is a habit

Fear, bravery, loving good, loving badly, speaking up, staying silent, giving, taking

opening up, shutting down, gratitude, ingratitude, building, destroying, doing things kindly, doing things unkindly….

Which of these habits are worthy of this life, you will most definitely get to live only once……."

- Cleo Wade


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