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#LifeLessons - Eda Gungor

Eda Gungor

NAME: Eda Gungor

AGE: 39


JOB TITLE: Spiritual Entrepreneur

With a background education in International Relations and Politics, followed by learning classical french cuisine at Paul Bocuse Institute, Eda found herself on a self-realization quest that landed her in Dubai 6 years ago. Eda is the founder of SEVA Experience and SEVA Table, formerly Life’n One, which hosts the first fully plant-based Cafe in Dubai in 2014.

Eda is certified in various modalities from teaching Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, and Barre to practicing Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, and Theta Healing for several years, something that paved her venture into the realms of understanding and weaving within the human condition that continues as her expression and passion responds to the new frequencies she tunes into as her quest continues.

Eda recognised long ago that we are boundless beyond the physical form, and that what we traditionally consume as food and drink are energy containers that can be infused by light codes, sound currents, and sacred crystal vibrations. And that plants carry within themselves ancient wisdom that can support humanity in sustaining the natural movement of our existence to vibrate with the cosmos in harmony.

Eda is committed to honing her expression out of the creative chaos field by recognising patterns and playing seriously her part while honouring the ancestors and invisible players in her journey on planet earth.

What are Eda's key #LIFELESSONS...

You can never make it alone. Trust and learn to ask for help.

“Alone you're fast, but together you go far.” There is so much truth in this popular saying… As an entrepreneur, when you’re building your business, you can’t do it alone. It just isn’t viable. But with support and having trust - trust in yourself, in life, and in others, you will build your own strength.

And I’m not talking about family, close friends, or therapists! When you have a trusting attitude, the doors of possibilities will open, and help will sometimes come from unexpected people.

They are so many different facets you aren’t equipped to handle when you start a business from scratch, that you need to be open to listening to feedback, and suggestions, and reaching out to people that are sometimes total strangers! And you will be surprised how many people would be happy to give you a hand if you treat them in a trusting manner.

And that is when you will see that bonds and connections will start to grow. It is the founding stone in building a supportive community around yourself. Reaching out to others.

Word is law.

Our mind, our body, our soul, and our whole self are always listening. It is so important to be very, very mindful of the language we use for ourselves: the words we speak or think will determine who we become.

If we are always demeaning ourselves, we will not thrive in life as someone who describes him/herself as a champion. This means that every time we find ourselves speaking or thinking negative words, we must challenge them: ideally, we should try to understand why we think of ourselves this way, and change our perspective.

And I am not talking about affirmations. So many people around the world practice affirmations about financial abundance on a daily basis, and there are still so few millionaires...

It is about consciously correcting our brains and changing the cells' path. It’s about breaking old, still, frames of mind, about being kind to ourselves, and reclaiming our power of transformation: I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am wonderful.

Be grateful.

An attitude of gratitude brings us closer to our highest self, helping us discover solutions that are beyond our wildest imagination - because we already have them in us. We already have everything in ourselves.

Gratitude drops us out of our minds, and into the heart, and the heart space is the only space where we really live our truth. This incredible space is located at the center of our being, and it is a place of pure love and acceptance. When we live in our minds, we keep worrying about the past, and the future. Gratitude brings us to the present moment. Gratitude helps us realize that we have it all, and who we are at this moment.

We were born whole, and full of resources. We carry in our souls all the qualities we need to live a happy, successful life, but we sometimes might forget them. This is when we need to press pause and go within, to unlock all this infinite potential we carry within us.


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