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#LifeLessons - Donna Benton

NAME: Donna Benton

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @donna_benton

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Donna’s spirit of adventure brought her to Dubai in 2000,

where she founded The Entertainer and subsequently lead the business from a print

publication to a data-driven technology firm. After her exit in 2020, Donna established

The Benton Group, an international holding company that consolidates several

businesses, such as her renowned swimwear company CAHA CAPO®, a brand that

can easily fit into people’s lifestyle and that makes them feel positive and confident

about themselves, all at affordable prices using the best quality materials. The name

stands for caring, happy, casual, positive, and lives and breathes these four core


#LIFELESSON 1- Save for a rainy day (80/20 rule).

This principle is my Nanna’s saying and based on learning to live on 80% of your

income and saving 20%. Many people don’t plan for the future, which consequently

forces them to work harder and longer. Budgeting accordingly will prevent you from

experiencing a lack of funds when needed. I always say if you save you will always be

able to spend, but if you spend you will never be able to save!

#LIFELESSON 2 - You don’t get respect you have to earn it. Don’t ask anyone to do

something that you wouldn’t do yourself.

Leadership is about inspiring others by showing them what they are capable of doing.

I like to lead by example and serve customers alongside staff in our Caha Capo shops.

It’s good to see what’s going on in store, at the same time showing the retail staff that

your prepared to do the job as well. You have to be “in” the business, not just “on” the


#LIFELESSON 3 - No risk, no reward.

We launched our online platform for CAHA CAPO® in the middle of the pandemic,

followed by the opening of our flagship store in Mall of the Emirates. Leaders need to

make decisions with long-term objectives in mind and are constantly challenged to

rethink and reevaluate their business models. Sometimes you have to go with you “gut

feeling” - if you take to long to do something it will be to late and you would of missed

the opportunity.


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