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Launching the Raemona 40 over FORTY list

From a truly powerful social impact, directly influencing others, a brilliant career, or meaningful entrepreneurship - we know that age only has a positive impact on success.

Energy, bravery, results, and impact are not reserved solely for young achievers.

This month, Raemona celebrates the carefully curated 40 over FORTY - women we SEE, and with the magic of their wisdom and experience, remain to be SEEN and most definitely continue on their path of power that benefits us all.

Launching on 04/04, we will reveal 10 women weekly, curated by the Raemona team based on impact, industry, and influence.

The Raemona 40 over FORTY list has been created specifically to turn a mirror on women of substance - to showcase those who are busy creating great work, empowering others along the way and celebrating them as we reflect on the wisdom and influence of age.

We hope you enjoy reading about our inaugural Raemona 40 over Forty - the Raemona team have worked hard to highlight the brilliance of these women and how they impact life across the UAE, whether you know them already or you don’t. The hard work and perseverance of these exceptional people, is, in our eyes, only amplified by their decades of experience, tenacity and talents”, - Natasha Hatherall-Shawe - Publisher, Raemona Magazine

Innovators, entrepreneurs, board members, fashion leaders, scientists, authors, financial mavens, workplace champions, community stalwarts - We’ve got them all and more in the Raemona 40 over Forty list, and we can’t wait for you to meet them from 04/04.


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