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January Happenings at Miracles Wellness Centre

Have you thought about trying something new or learning a new skill? Why not give Mindfulness Meditation or Crystal Healing a go? Miracles Wellness Centre have some really great classes and workshops from as little as Dhs30.

Here are a few of the January ones to look out for:

Friday January 7th

  • Emotional Detox Workshop (Dhs250)

Tuesday January 11th

  • Self Acceptance Meditation (Dhs80)

  • Sound Healing Meditation for stress and anxiety relief (Dhs80)

Wednesday January 12th

  • Take control of your life workshop (Dhs150)

Saturday January 15th

  • Usui Reiki Healing Level 1 (Dhs1,250 - Half day)

  • Divorceless relationships Workshop (Dhs250)

Sunday January 16th

  • Chakra balancing & Aura cleansing meditation (Dhs80)

Tuesday January 25th

  • Sound healing meditation for manifestation (Dhs80)

Friday January 28th

  • Rebirthing breathwork meditation (Dhs80)

You can find out more information on these classes along with everything else Miracles has to offer here:

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