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In Good Health: New Long Term Results from Long COVID Study

New research shows benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on Long Covid

Having both friends and family struggling with the effects of Long Covid, we're here for any glimmer of good news we can get to provide respite and recovery here.

Receiving the news that DP World’s Aviv Clinics have found new long-term results from Long COVID

and a positive impact on symptoms from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Research was conducted by leading hyperbaric medicine researchers Dr. Shai Efrati and Dr. Amir Hadanny, where in a randomized controlled trial, significant improvements in cognitive, psychiatric, fatigue, sleep, and pain symptoms among long COVID patients who underwent a unique protocol of hyperbaric oxygen therapy were documented. In the follow up study which included 31 patients from the original study, who were treated with 40 daily sessions of therapy. Participants were recruited more than one year after completion of their last Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session.

The results indicated that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can improve the quality of life, quality of sleep, psychiatric and pain symptoms of patients suffering from long COVID. The clinical improvements gained by treatment with a specific Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy protocol are persistent even more than one year after the last session. The damaged brain tissue from long COVID was healed through therapies ability to create a biological change in the body. 

Thousands of people across the globe are suffering from debilitating symptoms after COVID and we hope this offers a glimmer of hope to all.




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