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Hydration Hack // Humantra

by Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

One of the biggest points of conflict in my house believe it or not is the amount of water I consume with my nutritionist husband. I kid you not, there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t receive a lecture on this very topic. Earlier this year I ended up in hospital with a nasty virus and when the doctor said I was severely hydrated, this was what my husband clung to and not the fact I’be been vomiting for nearly 6 hours and I literally never heard the end of it. If I’d drunk more water, this would never have happened – of course husband…grrr. You get my point and where I’m going here.

All things being equal, I don’t think I’m any worse at drinking water and making sure I’m hydrated than anyone else and I am totally in agreement on the importance of being hydrated, especially when you’re living a life at crazy pace like I am. Drinking water and being hydrated is crucial for so many reasons including keeping your organs functioning properly, regulating your body temperature, preventing infections, as well as it also improving sleep quality, cognition and mood.

So, whilst not terrible at drinking water, I could be better, and I do acknowledge that.

Fast forward to a box of hydration supplement Humantra landing on my desk. Developed by Huda Beauty Investments (they have not backed anything I don’t love to date – #justsaying!) and health coach and research scientist Dave Catudal who I’ve known for many years and never ceases to impress me, Humantra Hydration Hack is an all-natural, plant-based drink that is sweetened with zero-calorie natural plant extract made from monk fruit. With two flavours available, Himalayan Lime (this is my favourite, on a bad day it’s almost like having a margarita if chilled!) and Berry & Pomegranate, each contains all six essential electrolytes — magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride and phosphate plus zinc and chromium picolinate for immune support. Simply dissolve in 350ml of water and you can consume between one and three a day and the claim is that it can hydrate you four times more effectively than water alone.

I’m super busy and honestly stressed most of the time and there is a conversation to be had here about that too, as whilst nothing can ever replace good old fashioned water, the reality is that for most of us with the lives we lead, we aren’t getting enough of what we need. Stress itself depletes our minerals and vitamins, most of us aren’t eating the best of diets with enough fruit and veg and we could all do with more magnesium in our lives too. Humantra aims to fill this gap and top us up to where we need to be with modern day lifestyles to get all the nutrients we need to live well. Yes, we need to drink more water, but we also need to ensure we are nourished and one of the only ways to do this is if it’s filled with electrolytes.

Science and rationale over, I’m sold on the people behind this brand as I personally know them and their passion and I also trust their ethos, so I didn’t need much persuasion to give it a go. So much so, less than a month on, i’m now on my second Discovery pack of 40 sachets and it’s now very much a core part of my day and I’ve got a few of my colleagues on it too. In busy jobs, coupled with a hot dehydrating environment these sachets really have proved a bit of a saviour and it’s hard to quantify but I definitely do feel better and my mental clarity has improved for certain. I take a sachet as soon as I get to my desk in the morning and 20 minutes later I’m focused, clear and mentally I feel good too.

Most of us still need to drink more water than we do, but why not super charge it as you go?

Not an ad or a paid review - just a happy customer ;) - Discovery pack of 40 sachets AED 185.


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