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How To Stylishly 'Hide' Your Belly

hide belly

Body types differ from person to person so finding the right piece of clothing that suits your physique perfectly is essential. If you are feeling self-conscious about your belly – you are not alone! Belly bulge, muffin tops and love handles are a universal problem especially as we get older. Some of us blame stress, a sluggish metabolism, lack of exercise, hormones and a fondness for sweet things and bread! But whatever the cause, when sucking it in no longer works – it's time for a fashion reboot.

Keep reading to find out the best practices to battle the bulge and win.

Get your shift on and show your legs:

Shift dresses in straight and A-line shapes are a classic and easy solution to belly bulge. The overall silhouette is always crisp, roomy and stands away from the body – so there is no cling in the middle. The main focus here is on the legs – make your legs the new focal point. Choose a shift dress in a length that suits you and one you are comfortable wearing – get those legs out and stock up on comfortable shoes.

Dress in one colour:

This optical trick makes even the most prominent belly blend in and never fails whether you’re a UK size 12 or 20. Here’s the science - a matching top and bottom creates a column of colour that registers visually as one sleek unbroken line. It works with all colours – in particular great with all black or all white – two of the most common wardrobe neutrals. In addition, different textures and fabrics also work well with this trick.

Lose your belly in midi’s and maxi’s:

Long flowy dresses may be your belly’s new BFF. Ignore the belted kind; think looser styles with a bohemian/romantic twist. An empire line is ideal here above the waist, under the bust or alternatively – just below the waist. Opt for trendy prints, stylish details and long sleeves for a more finished look.

An open jacket illusion:

There are several jacket tricks for belly bulge. Framing your belly with a contrasting colour jacket or blazer worn open over a shirt, tee, body suit or dress, works like theatre curtains to reduce the width of your body right at the waistline from a front view. Choose a jacket that is light enough to wear indoors (and outdoors in the UAE during the warmer months). A sleek, structured jacket like a blazer (my personal fav!) gives the most flattering, sharpest line, but even a cardigan, vest or shacket will give similar results.

That double-breasted blazer life:

Trust me on this – this is a powerful look and acts like clever wizardry. Worn closed, a double-breasted layer and structured shape hides not only a protruding or bloated tummy, but also its BFF and sidekick – the muffin top! My top tip here, raid the husband’s wardrobe for one of these jackets – he probably won’t notice it missing!

Go big on top, narrow on bottom:

If you like the idea of belly camouflage but also want to show some shape, let opposites attract. Pair any full-cut top, blouse, tunic or jacket with a slim base such as leggings or straight/skinny jeans.

Choose the right tops:

Wearing the wrong tops (tight tops) accentuates parts of your body, in particular – the belly making you feel self-conscious in yourself. Choose tops that have some draping or ruching. For example, a crossover top is very effective as it creates asymmetrical vertical lines concealing the lower part of your torso.

Make a big statement somewhere else:

When you don’t want attention in one spot, diverting it to another is one of the simplest ways to deal with it. It’s often the reason people get a fringe in their hair, wear red lipstick or wear bold, statement glasses. Choose a dress, suit or jacket with statement sleeves, and exaggerated ruffles in a show-stopping colour and your belly remains your business.

The power of a black jumpsuit:

If there is one item, every woman needs in her wardrobe – it’s a black jumpsuit. They have this clever way of tricking the eye and visually hiding the midriff. This is a must-have. Opt for a looser style to erase any bumps and bulges in unwanted spots.

Finally – it goes without saying – to wear your curves – without a care in the world and OWN THEM! A belly – like your hips, breasts and backside – is just part of having a body and this is to be celebrated at all costs!


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