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How to Keep your Flowers Blooming

Look after flowers

We love flowers. You may have gathered that by now in the little time you’ve known us, as we talk about blooms a lot! They make us happy, they make our homes happy, and we buy them for ourselves regularly as a treat to us – we don’t just wait for someone to buy them for us these days.

If only they lasted longer though. Right?

Top tips to keep your flowers blooming and beautiful…

  • Like with everything, skin…mental clarity… hydration is the key and it’s what causes flowers to wilt and change colour, so keeping them hydrated is key to keep them healthy and alive.

  • Always fill your vase two-thirds full with cool water and flower food if you have some. If you don’t have flower food, two tablespoons of sugar, apple cider vinegar, or even a penny at the bottom of the vase can keep your flowers looking fresh for longer – who knew!

  • Remove as much foliage as you can from your flowers as anything that sits below the waterline will break down, become gunky and create build-up.

  • Trim the stems – When you get them, take 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle.

  • Change the water regularly – every 2 days. If it’s dirty or cloudy, change it sooner as it’s the bacteria in the water that makes them wilt.

  • Keep an eye on room temperature – if it’s too hot or too cold in the spot you've placed your cut flowers, they will wilt much more quickly. Move them to a good, temperature-neutral spot. Different flowers do better in different temperatures, so always Google and see what they like - tropical flowers like warmer spots for example.

  • Cull flowers that are dying as necessary – keep an eye on your flowers and if some start dying quicker than others, remove them as it will stop the water and its nutrients from throwing energy into maintaining them as the expense of the healthier ones.

  • Buy proper tools – don’t use household scissors to cut plants and blooms. Tools intended for flowers and plans are sharp and hurt them less. One of our favorite flower sellers Florette has great flower scissors for sale on their website.

  • Some flowers have very specific care instructions, these should be included on purchase, so always read particular care instructions.

We promise you, even with a bit of simple care your blooms will thrive.

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