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Full moon incoming - feeling blue?

Is just us, or has anyone else been feeling a flunky emotional mess this past week? Spiritual Teacher and mindset coach Kim Shelar reassures us we're not all going crazy and that there very much is something in the 'air', but that good things are on the way too.

A full moon is coming

2024 is the year where many of us will find stability, whether it's within our financial space, relationships and most importantly within ourselves.

Well that is the good news, but just like any structure that needs building, the old has to go. Deep excavation follows and then the re-building begins.

That is exactly what is happening right now - you could be feeling exhausted or simply blah, nauseous, or binging  or in a deep existential crisis or having that frustrated sense of "i've been through this lesson before" moments.

Firstly, each of us "feel" it differently based on our own level of self awareness and sensitivity to our surroundings. So, if you think someone around you isn't as affected as you, it's more than likely one of 2 reasons - they are aligning, clearing and grounding themselves daily or they are just not fully open to the energy within them. The higher our sensitivity the deeper the feelings.

Secondly, you need to know that this will pass. If you need a date, we're looking at 2-3 days after the 25th March, when the Full Moon settles.

To be clear, we are not blaming the full moon, but we are bringing the awareness that the full moon causes the water levels to rise - and we are water too ! 

The full moon brings up suppressed emotions, so if you feel anger, that is what is being suppressed. If you feel an urge to change  your life, job or a situation then this is what is suppressed.

So what are the tools you can tap into ?

Everything is energy and energy is best measured in frequency.

Our emotions are the truest indicator of that frequency.

So when we begin to slide into a low phase the 1st and foremost thought is - HOW DO I SHIFT THE ENERGY?

  • Meditate - a guide meditation any one of these 3 will serve you:

Deep sleep Meditation, Chakra Balancing or a connect to your higher self meditation -

Chakra Balance -

Higher self -

  • A conscious walk in nature - take a walk barefoot on the grass or walking by the beach over the wet sand  and ideally feet in the water 

By conscious it implies no music through the earphones - just you in nature receiving its medicine.

Sometimes in these low moments we really can't meditate or step out because the energy is so draining - in those cases lean into these tools:

// A salt bath or a shorter version would be a foot soak in salt water and the shortest version is washing your hands with salt under running water. Salt is a natural and potent  cleanser and immediately cleanses one's aura.

// Play the frequency 432HZ. Frequency based music is so powerful that even if it is the lowest volume and even muted the frequency shifts the energy around you. I highly recommend using this music daily to cleanse your home , yourself and your family.

Here are some links:

432 Hz for clearing the environment within and around you

7.83 hz for grounding & healing


Do not rush to make tough decisions as this emotional state is a state where our triggers are revealed - no decisions made when triggered really serve us. Instead make a note of what is surfacing, so the mind 'feels' heard and comes back to it when the energy is "Usual You".

Do not have confrontational conversations, as much as the triggers and wounds are exposed for you. Everyone else is going through some level of pain or imbalance- at this time so TABLE these conversations for another day.

If at all it can't wait - communicate from your perspective and what you would like versus what you feel the other one did. For example, instead of "You really hurt me with this behaviour & you must stop it now", you could say, " I felt very hurt when this was done, I would like to know your thoughts and intentions and ideally how we can respect each other's values/boundaries "

Fundamentally, embody and know that no two days are the same and this too will pass. When the waters are choppy, the only intention is to sail safe and likewise when the energy is triggering a shift within us, it serves the purpose of lighting up the dark hidden fears and all we need to do then is OBSERVE, observe and take note of what our body and energy is telling us and come back to it another day when we are armoured to handle and deal with it.

Lastly and this one is a quick fix - find something that brings you JOY & do it. Meeting friends, sitting on a swing, even organizing your wardrobe - whatever is your joy element amp it up.

I send you all a white ball of energy to stabilize and ground you through your lessons.

See you on the other side of the full moon!

Ps - If you feel called to it - you can join me for a full moon meditation on Palm Jumeirah on March 25th at 7:30 pm  - DM me here for more info.

Kim Shelar - Spiritual Teacher and mindset coach


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