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KETISH Launch Period Care Essentials Bundle

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New Year – New Period care, and we are here for it. Bringing some much-needed luxury to feminine and intimate care, KETISH are helping start our self-care routine off on the right note with their period care essentials bundle, priced at just $49

For a limited time only, you can purchase both The Potion and The Quickie together offering a saving of $10.

The Potion:

This 100% all-natural soothing oil is a saviour for those days when you need a soothing ritual of pure comfort. Gliding effortlessly onto the skin, it’s perfect for any stage of your monthly cycle or just those moments when you’d like to indulge in some self-care. Packed full of ingredients known for their feminine wellness superpowers including calming lavender, clary sage oil, arnica extract, bergamot and eucalyptus oil, period pains are promptly soothed away thanks to the power of essential oils and touch.

Ketish The Potion

The Quickie:

Discreet and perfect to pop into your handbag, these soft cotton wipes can be used on the entire body but are specifically formulated for intimate areas. Individually wrapped, each wipe can be easily stored in your gym or handbag for times when you need a freshen-up on the go. Rich in post-biotic enzymes that help to break down the odour-causing bacteria found in sweat, they are also made with 99% natural ingredients including aloe leaf juice, oat kernel extract and coconut oil ester. Whether you are travelling, having an on-the-go day, or on your period, the quickie wipes do exactly what they say on the tin and can also be used pre and post-intercourse.


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