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February Favourites – this month we loved…

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

This super chic carbonated water maker was a Christmas gift we admittedly only got out of its box in February, but now we’re hooked and it’s a daily staple in our house. It’s a bit like a posh soda stream for those of you old enough to remember those but it produces sparkling water to your fizziness preference in ultra chic bottles you can store in your fridge. Little note – it doesn’t come with the carbonator cylinders, so be sure to order those too. We got ours delivered to our door from Bubble Bro.

AED 979 from outlets including Virgin, Homesmiths and Azade.

Natrl Box Water

While we’re talking about water, we tried the new boxed water from Natrl this month and as water goes we enjoyed it very much. We’re all for making changes to a more sustainable life and this is one we can totally get in to.

AED 60 per box from

Augustinus Bader The Face Oil

Augustinus Bader can do no wrong in our eyes and we’d been saving to buy his face oil for a while. It’s a powerful anti-ager and it goes on non greasy and improves the tone and texture of the skin. We’ve been using it in our regime morning and night and it’s a welcome part of our daily regime.

AED 976 on Ounass and Secret Skin

SKIMS Seamless Sculpting Knickers

As suck it all in pants go these are our new favourite. Many on the market leave you in pain or discomfort as they attempt to knock off a few pounds, but these are unusually comfortable and soft and still do the job. Our obsession with SKIMS continues.

AED 125 in various colours on

Rodial SPF 50 Drops

Rodial can never do any wrong in our eyes and their SPF 50 drops provide a great way to ensure you don’t forget to put SPF on your face. You drop a bit into your moisturizer or foundation and you’re covered, literally. You don’t need a great amount, so one bottle lasts a good while too.

AED 300 on and available on Ounass.

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